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Yr (Early) Weekend, Pt. 1: the last place you look + Springfield Riots + P.M. Dawn + Factory Party + More [12/17/2009 05:10:00 PM]:
Yes, I'm starting the weekend early, on account of the holidays, y'all... Actually, it's just that there're some extremely cool shows going on tonight (Thurs., December 17th), and I didn't want to skip over 'em. Here goes...

Hawthorne Heights/Just Surrender/The Story Changes/Monty Are I/Nightbeast/the last place you look @ The Meridian
Nice one, although I really give a big "eh" for Hawthorne Heights -- if I were able to escape the wee ones tonight, it'd be to see openers the last place you look, huge-sounding post-emo rocker dudes whose album in the early part of this year blew me away and will be making an appearance on my Top Ten Things of 2009 list. They put on a hell of a show, and this may be your last chance to see 'em in a little while, since they're headed out on tour with 10 Years at the end of the month and won't be back in town 'til February. And hey, if you bring a toy for Toys for Tots to their merch booth at the show, they'll give a limited-edition signed band poster. Aww...

29-95.com Presents, featuring Springfield Riots & Beetle @ The Continental Club
Kudos to the folks at 29-95.com for showcasing some of the best bands in town at The Continental Club every Thursday for the past several months (and shame on me for not mentioning it very often...sigh). Tonight's no different, although the band, Springfield Riots, are somewhat close to my heart with their sweet, warm-and-fuzzy retro-psych-pop sound. They're good guys, seriously -- check out my relatively-recent review of debut EP Say When on over here, then get over to Midtown.

P.M. Dawn @ Lucky's Pub
Wha? P.M. Dawn, seriously? "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss" P.M. Dawn? And they're playing at some sports bar I've never heard of called Lucky's Pub? Wow. Hrm. Maybe it's because it's only half the band (Doc G)? What the hell -- it's free...

Otenki/Eyes Like Oceans/The Factory Party/The Mint @ Rocbar
Again, I'm glad to see the good people at Rocbar hosting bands that aren't strictly of the meathead variety -- downtown seriously needs more places for bands to play that aren't giganto venues or oddball funky places. Rocbar could very well be that cool, middle-of-the-road venue the area needs. And hey, alternarockers Otenki aren't bad, I'm intrigued by Eyes Like Oceans, and I like the Killers-esque vibe of The Factory Party, so there you go.

Givers/Treeson/I am Mesmer @ Mango's
Dunno the headliners, but again, it's the locals that do it for me. I finally caught I am Mesmer a while ago and was left gaping in awe (for a few minutes, anyway, before my head started gleefully bobbing up & down) at the crazed gypsy-carnival troupe as they did their meandering throwback party thing. Wow.

The Reverend Horton Heat @ House of Blues
LMFAO/Shwayze/Far East Movement/Paradiso Girls/Space Cowboy/Million $ Mano @ House of Blues
Martin Burniston's Annual Christmas Singalong @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck

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