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Yr Weekend: Small Sounds + Poison The Well + Prairie Cadets + Linus Pauling + Billy Talent + FGR Farewell + More [7/17/2009 05:02:00 PM]:
Yep, there's a crap-ton of good shows this weekend, and not much time in which to type about it. Here goes...

Fri., July 17:
Austin Collins/The Small Sounds @ Firehouse Saloon
I had, had, had to put this one first, not because of headliners Austin Collins, but because of local boys The Small Sounds, whom I heart big-time. I'd originally intended to post a big-ass writeup on their show a few weeks back at Walter's, but things got away from me & it fell by the wayside, so I'll take a sec to make up a bit for that: these guys are freaking great, both live and on their self-titled debut (out last year). They do an awesome, heavily country-inflected brand of roots-rock, and it works beautifully, especially on slower songs like "Leave Virginia, Girl". Oh, I can't help but think of frontman Holden Rushing as looking like Mal from Firefly with Lyle Lovett's hair. (And I mean that in a good way.)

Majestic Street Fiesta, featuring Joseph LeMay, Cedar Boy Bailey, Sara Van Buskirk, Gretchen Schmaltz, & Prairie Cadets @ 834 Majestic (6PM; free, BYOB)
House par-tay time...talked a bit about this one already (see the "Notes" section), I know, but I wanted to mention it again, 'cause it's bound to be a good time.

Poison The Well/Madball/Terror/Crime In Stereo/War of Ages/The Ghost Inside/Death Before Dishonor/Trapped Under Ice/This Is Hell/Aerial Second @ Javajazz Coffee House
How in the hell have I not heard more about this show? This is freaking Poison The Well we're talking about, here -- those guys are bona fide pioneers of modern hardcore. Granted, they've had some major lineup changes in recent years, but still -- I'm liking the new stuff, and I have to bet they're still pretty badass live, too. Plus, Terror aren't bad, and I've heard good things about both This Is Hell and local kids Aerial Second.

RX Bandits/Dredg/Zechs Marquise @ The Meridian
Yep, talked about this already, too, but it's still promising to be really, really good. No, they're far, far gone from the 311-/Sublime-esque reggae/ska/punk days, and from what I've heard, RX Bandits' live shows are phenomenal.

500 Megatons of Boogie/10-4 Elenor/The Jonx @ The Mink
This is a bit of an odd bill -- 500 Megatons of Boogie used to be known as The Slurpees/The Squishees, and from what I've heard they're kind of a rockabilly/country-influenced garage-pop, which is at odds with the beefy, bassy, smart-guys-punching-you-in-the-gut math-isms of The Jonx, who play H-town far, far too infrequently. But hey, sometimes weird mashups are the best...

The Flamin' Hellcats @ Rudyard's
EraseTheVirus/20-20/Peekaboo Theory @ Rocbar (7PM)
Patrice Pike/Skyblue 72/The Tiles/Radio One @ Warehouse Live
Jay Brannan/Katie Stuckey @ House of Blues

Sat., July 18:
Fired For Walking/Linus Pauling Quartet/Novox @ Mango's
Pride of place here has to go to this show, for bringing both fun, goodhearted rocker dudes Fired For Walking and my favorite stoner-rockers, Linus Pauling Quartet, to the stage once again. Nice.

Rise Against/Rancid/Billy Talent @ Verizon Wireless Theater
Yeah, yeah. Say what you want, but the one & only time I caught Rancid live, they were pretty great. Plus, Rise Against ain't bad, and I was utterly bowled over by Canadian metalcore kids Billy Talent's self-titled debut a couple of years back. Glad to see they're getting the spotlight.

Buxton @ Cactus Music (1PM; free!)
Yes! I may have to try to drag the fam out to this; how do you beat seeing one of the best country-meets-indie bands in town, for free, in the middle of the day? Not possible.

FGR Productions Farewell Show, featuring Cruiserweight, Kids of Survival, Fox Force Five, Grae Metropolos, We Monumental, Lindsey Shultz, Hollywood Black, O'Doyle Rules, The Party Has Arrived, & more @ 3324 Cunningham (Pasadena; 7PM, $10)
Damn...it appears the FGR booking crew has decided to put away the flyers & phones forever and move on, which is a shame, esp. for the kids in the 'burbs who went out to the shows they put on. sigh. At least they're going out with a bang: Hollywood Black, fucking awesome Cruiserweight, blast from the past O'Doyle Rules, and -- holy shit, is that? -- Fox Force Five. Somebody please tell me this is the reunion of the early 00's band. They fucking ruled, y'all.

The Takes/Cop Warmth/ B L A C K I E/ Somosuno/F.G. and the Guns @ 2414 Mayview Dr.
More house party-age, yo. I have no clue where this is, but the lineup's good. Cop Warmth should be experienced at least once...

Pure Water Music Festival, featuring listenlisten, B., The Eastern Sea, Cedar Boy Bailey, B L A C K I E, Papermoons, Old Coyote, & more @ Fairmont Park Church (10401 Belffast Rd., LaPorte; 1-9:30PM, $10)
Already blathered 'bout this one; see here, eh?

Spain Colored Orange/Neon Collars/You(genious) @ Dean's Credit Clothing
Opposite Day/I Am Mesmer/Two Star Symphony @ Rudyard's
Daylight Coma/Ethreal/Bloodvoid/Fleshhook @ Walter's on Washington
Los Skarnales/Brave Combo/Chango Man @ Fitzgerald's
Driver F/Unlikely Heroes/The Ride Home/Fingers Crossed/Tigerparty/A Kid Named Thompson @ Javajazz Coffee House
D.R.U.M./Dubtex/Rattletree Marimba @ The Continental Club
Final Joe's Roadhouse, featuring Monster @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Sun., July 19:
Porchfest 2009, featuring Grizzly, The Wayward Sons, Samuel Barker, & more @ Bohemeo's
I've been able to find out zero about this show, seriously, even from the Bohemeo's site, but it still sounds good -- Grizzly are impressing me more & more with their country-rock thing.

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