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Super-Secret Super-Urgent Something Fierce Tour Fundraiser/Kickoff (+ H-Town in NYC) [7/16/2009 03:31:00 PM]:
If you've been paying attention, you've been seeing/hearing me talk quite a bit lately about folks going out on tour -- I think it's a freaking awesome development, and the fact that nearly half of the coolest-ass bands in town right now seem to be either currently touring or planning to tour is one of the best things to happen to the H-town scene at large in quite a while.

Don't get me wrong; I'm still a sucker for the intimate feel of those down-to-earth, you-and-your-friends shows where it's like the band you're watching is this magical, special secret that nobody outside of Houston (or, hell, Montrose) is ever going to get to experience. But for the sake of the host of excellent bands here that're unknown outside of the city limits, I have to say that exposure is utterly, completely crucial. And I don't mean for one or two bands here or there -- I mean for everybody. This rising tide really does float all boats, in that if a half-dozen Houston bands get nation-wide exposure, more and more people and media outlets and record labels will start looking our way. While I don't want Houston to become The New Seattle (not that that's really possible anymore anyway), it'd sure be nice for people here to be able to make some money at this shit.

The downside, of course, is that touring is fucking expensive. Food, gas, lodging, road supplies, broken equipment, transportation -- it all adds up in a hurry, even when you do it DIY. So it makes perfect sense to me to see local punk crew Something Fierce turning to their friends & fans here in town for a little help with the touring costs; they're throwing a fundraiser of sorts this coming Friday, July 17th, in an effort to build up some bank for the road, with the promise of cool music (including DJs Sir Hiss, Nam Jam, King Chidora, & Modsesito; not sure the band'll play, though), beer, food, & other fun, entertaining things.

Here's the full spiel, straight from their Myspace page:

Hello everyone,
We've been planning a fundraiser party to help ease the costs of hitting the road, and also to hang out with our friends once more before we leave. The plan is to have a keg, good food, and some DJ's spinning. We're even considering setting up in the middle and playing a short set, although neighbors might prohibit such an event.

Unfortunately, that little get together is looking more like a necessity right now, as we've just found out that the brake and tire system on our van is in dire need of an overhaul. We know how to save for tour, but this one caught us a little off guard. We would absolutely love your support and monetary funds, however large or small, to help keep us moving ahead.

And hey, you get to party a little in the process!

If you really want, you can send Paypal Donations to "SomethingFierce" at "billybob DOTDOTDOTDOT com". If you donate $20 or more, we'll send you a super-limited edition, signed copy of There Are No Answers on white vinyl, as well as a signed Modern Girl 7".

Please get in touch for details on the party, or even if you'd just like to help.

Now, because this is a house-party deal, and those things can definitely get out of hand, the SF folks have wisely decided to make this a quasi-secret event -- meaning that you have to get a hold of them to get the directions & whatnot. As the bottom of the poster says, "No Randos". But if you love the band (as I do) and you want to help 'em out and/or party with 'em, get in touch with 'em. Help a struggling Houston band make it back out on the road to promote the left-field awesomeness of H-town far & wide...

Utterly Random Tour-Related Note: By the by, just in case any NYC hipsters out there happen to be reading this happy little blog (um, right...), y'all can experience both the bundle-of-wires energy of indie-rock/popsters Young Mammals and the smart, street-savvy hip-hop flow of Nosaprise up there in your 'hood this week. The Mammals are playing tonight (Thurs., July 16th) at Union Hall in Brooklyn, I'm told, and Nosa will be at Parkside Lounge (along with members of Free Radicals, apparently) in Manhattan on Fri., July 17th and at Fat Beats on Sun., July 19th. H-town, represent.

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