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Yr (Belated) Weekend: Buxton 7" Release + thelastplaceyoulook + Really Really Free Market + Alkari + More [7/11/2009 11:34:00 AM]:
Late start to the weekend, I know -- big, big apologies to News on the March & Grandfather Child for not ranting & raving about their show last night...sigh. Day/evening just got away from me, I'm afraid...

Sat., July 11:
Buxton (7" release)/Ghost Mountain/The Wild Moccasins @ Mango's
See here, eh?

Nava's Birthday Bash, featuring thelastplace youlook, Nothingmore, Deep Ella, Moving Atlas, Floorbound, & Aerial Second @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
This is gonna be a good one; it's the official b-day party for Nava, frontman of thelastplaceyoulook, who are truly one of the baddest-ass rock bands around, these days. Not really familiar with most of the folks they're playing with, but the show's worth it just for TLPYL.

Monofonus Summer Slammer, featuring Pillow Queens, The Caprolites, Over the Hill, Muhammadali, Diagonals, Slow Motion Rider, Follow that Bird, & School Police @ Super Happy Fun Land
And again, see here...

The Jonx/ Woozyhelmet/ Side Arms (Sharks and Sailors mem.) @ The Mink (7PM; $7)
Love, love, love The Jonx, as always -- muscle-y math-rock still gets me, geek that I am -- and I've been loving the oddball, Modest Mouse-ish indie-rocking of Woozyhelmet more & more lately, too. Plus, this is the debut(?) show for Side Arms, which is reportedly a project of ex-Sharks and Sailors guitarist Al, who's a very nice guy and a hell of a musician.

The Really Really Free Market, featuring A Thousand Cranes & more @ Watershed Studios (5703 Cornish; 4-8PM)
Cool idea, here -- I'm just going to paste in what I got sent about this, and let you decide: "It's like a giant community potluck, but with not just food, but with stuff you don't need like books and clothes, skills and services you can share like like yoga and massage, music, ideas, games, workshops, performances, and any other resource you have to offer! A Thousand Cranes is playing a free concert. There will be a free store, an open mike, and an open sign-up space for skillshares. And it's all free, really really free, with no bartering, no advertising, just free!" Sounds cool by me.

Fake Believe/ Alkari/ The Red Line @ Rudyard's
No idea on Fake Believe (sorry), although I do like their name, but I love those Alkari guys to death, I swear. Good, no-frills, no-labels melodic rock that hums and burns right where it's supposed to.

Benjamin Wesley @ Cactus Music (3PM)
Oh, hell yeah. Read this and this, then go. It's free, it's in the middle of the day; what have you got to lose?

The Ninth Annual Rock Baby Rock It!, featuring Los Benders, Almon Loos & the Hoop and Hollers, The Haymakers, Luxurious Panthers, The Octanes, Dykes On Bykes, Panic Doll Burlesque, The Ghost Storys, The Von Dukes, Clouseaux, The Grass Skirts, Kon Tikis, The Steven Reynolds Band, Johnny Gunhand, DJ Big E, & Mr. Telephone Road @ The Continental Club/The Big Top (2PM-2AM)
Hard to believe this has been going on for nine years, now, and it's still one of the best garage/rockabilly (and now lounge-exotica) shows around. Glad to see the Luxurious Panthers (who I once saw blow Rev. Horton Heat off the stage) still alive & kicking, and The Ghost Storys & Clouseaux are very much worth checking out, too.

Those Are My Shoes Fest (Lake Fest IV), featuring Robert Ellis, Ghosts of Rome, Holy Fiction, Tambersauro, The Space Love, Gambit, O Victori!, Earhart, & Barry Hatchet @ Clute VFW Hall (238 Johnson Cook Rd., Clute; 6:30PM, $6)
Don't know much about this one, but it sure does feature some cool folks, like Robert ELlis & Holy Fiction. Best/worst of all, this will apparently be brainy math-rock heroes Tambersauro's last show 'til at least September...sigh.

Anti-Nowhere League/Duane Peters Gunfight/Cobra Skulls/Born To Lose/Ashers/Jakked Rabbits @ The Meridian
The Ginslingers/The Wrist Slits @ Notsuoh
A-Trak/Rye Rye/Treasure Fingers @ Warehouse Live (Ballroom)
The Robert Cray Band @ House of Blues
Archaic 3/Bythetime youreadthis @ The Satellite Room (8PM)

Sun., July 12:
Golden Cities/The Coathangers/ Dozal Brothers @ Mango's
And yet more from the Esotype camp -- Golden Cities returned safe & sound from their tour, I'm told, and are now ready to (space-)rock Houston once more. Sweeping, grand/scary atmospheric stuff like Explosions in the Sky if they weren't so dang mopey. Good shit.

Hollywood Black/ listenlisten/ Timbre @ The Mink (9PM; $5)
Dunno Timbre, I'm afraid, but the listenlisten & Hollywood Black combo is damn enticing -- strange, beautiful, out-of-time folkiness w/gorgeous backwoods harmonies + raw, arena-heavy indie-rock about religion & greed & what-have-you. They fit together better than you'd think, to my mind...

Motion Turns It On/Budian/Sarah June/Hotel Hotel @ Super Happy Fun Land
The Ninth Annual Rock Baby Rock It!, featuring The Goddamn Gallows, The Hotrod Hillbillies, & 13 Black Coffins @ The Continental Club

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