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The Will (to Live) Is Gone... [5/10/2008 06:20:00 PM]:
(I know, I know; it was so easy, I just couldn't pass it up, sorry...) Tonight marks the last-ever show by H-town hardcore stalwarts Will to Live, who're "retiring" from the music thing to focus their energies elsewhere. They've had a long, long, long run, originally rising out of the ashes of early-'90s straightedge legends Refuse to Fall, I believe, and enduring to become pretty much the only hc band to survive the late-'90s scene-death here in town. Say what you will about Houston's hardcore scene; these guys have been the standard-bearers, most likely, since before you A). moved here or B). left high school.

The show tonight's at Fitzgerald's, naturally (where the fuck else would it be, right?), and will also feature Eyeagainst, Bitter End, Folsom, Die Young, Sudden Death, Indisgust, Flawless Victory, Full Contact, Hold My Own, & Uprising A.D. -- sorry for the lack of links, there, but seriously, tracking down all the Myspace pages would kill a full hour of my life on my slow-ass computer. The show's all-ages, costs $10, and, uh, doors open at 7PM, about 45 min. from when I'm typing this. Better get in the dang car now, yo.

Oh, and the show's being put on by the goodhearted crew at Hate Tank, who sent along this heartfelt little writeup by Danny Perez:

Marching in like a steel-armored train racing down the tracks of Houston, Will to Live came alive in 1998 with one mission in mind - to resurrect the spirit of Houston, Texas hardcore. They set to accomplish this feat by simply introducing the masses to a genuine blend of furious beats, terrifying guitars and boisterous vocals. At the time, the style was not common to a Houston scene that was being infected by the nu-metal sound but was well received by thashers, punkers, metal-heads and hardcore fans alike.

Their humble beginnings led the way to a more inspired effort that spread beyond the city limits of their hometown and into the scenes of towns all over the globe. Their brand of hardcore incorporated a non-gimmicky musical style of hardcore that combined the influences of the golden era of hardcore and metal with the power of today's heavy hitters such as Terror and Hatebreed.

Little did any of the members know that they would help put Houston on the map and create a vibrant scene that many could only dream about. The band's message of "tested and true" became the driving force for those willing to carry on the spirit of hardcore. In an era of poppy punk tunes and gothy rock, they were indeed a force to be reckoned with. And though the band was synonymous with Texas hardcore, Will to Live regularly shared the stage with bands of all kind. Their infectious musical style and positive attitude made them a fan favorite even for those that didn't dig the hardcore sound.

However, all good things must come to an end. After numerous tours and a handful of hard-hitting releases, the drive and passion that once carried Will to Live through thick and thin has slowed the train a bit. So as a collective, the members of Will to Live have decided to close with a final chapter. The band will close out in style as they join some of the bands that have played alongside them over the years. Will to Live will join Folsom, Eyeagainst, Die Young, and a hosts of other acts on Saturday, May 10 at the place where it all began Fitzgerald's.

So, there you go. Get on out & pay your respects.

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