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Not Dead, Just Relocated [4/29/2008 03:12:00 PM]:
Sorry for the quiet on the Space City Rock front, folks -- your humble Editor-in-Chief (that is, me) has been working on selling the house and buying a different one for a while now, for a variety of reasons, and after many, many months of crossed fingers and a ridiculous number of house searches on HAR.com, we now have one. And, as of this past Sunday, we're all moved into it.

Ready for the downside? Well, it turns out that I wasn't as diligent about checking the house over as I probably should've been when we bought the damn thing -- it'd been totally redone, all the plumbing, all the electrical, the foundation, the roof, yadda, yadda. We start stacking boxes in it this past weekend and start looking around and, "hey, have you seen a phone jack?" Then the father-in-law spotted the phone company's Network Interface Device, not attached to the house but shoved down between the chain-link fence and the rickety wooden fence behind. Still attached to the telephone pole (and apparently still working, which is nice, at least), but attached in no way to our house. Hell, we couldn't even tell where it used to be installed, inside the house or on the siding.

So, we are essentially cut off from the rest of Mankind for the time being (no cable yet, either, although the wires for that are at least still there). I'm calling AT&T to get some jacks put in, but since that costs a crapload (and will probably take another week), I'm seriously considering drilling holes in the outer walls of my brand-ass-new house so I can run phone cable in, D.I.Y.-style. I'm honestly not sure which of the options is worse. sigh.

On top of all of the above, I somehow managed to get myself promoted at The Day Job, which means that now I'm no longer a no-responsibility, go-home-early Flunky but a Boss (albeit a low-level one) in charge of a whole damn project and one other actual live human being. And yeah, that's pretty terrifying -- while I do technically already run the SCR show, it's a little different having to hand out real work to somebody, and it's not something I'm real good at. I'm working on it, though, and am currently swallowed whole by work for just about every office-bound second of my day. Things will get better, I'm sure, but for now, well, Life is kicking my ass.

At any rate, this is all by way of explanation for the complete and utter silence on the SCR site in the past five days or so. Things are more than a little sketchy at the new casa right now, but we hope to have SCR Headquarters up and running soon, with a little luck. Keep yr fingers crossed, y'all, and don't fret -- we aren't dead, just, um, not talking for a little while. We'll be back, I swear.

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