SugarHill Studios

Well, I’ve never used these guys myself, but they’re the big studio in town for local bands (and plenty of others). I’m told they do have a tremendous amount of cool gear, both new & vintage, so that’s a definite plus. Again, I can’t say really what the place is like…

Digital Warehaus Productions

Don’t know much about Digital Warehaus, but Stephen Finley, the guy who runs the place, e-mailed me and gave some info — apparently he’s worked with a lot of folks here in town, from the Linus Pauling Quartet (of which he’s a member, btw) to Incisor


These guys get better every time I see ’em (which is definitely something to hope for, obviously). I saw Pale a good while back up at Emo’s and wasn’t real impressed, and then got to see them a bunch last year (after a couple of severe band changeups), and damn, I was impressed that time…

H-Town Mixtape

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