These guys get better every time I see ’em (which is definitely something to hope for, obviously). I saw Pale a good while back up at Emo’s and wasn’t real impressed, and then got to see them a bunch last year (after a couple of severe band changeups), and damn, I was impressed that time — loud (really loud), interesting, emo-ish indie-rock, a little reminiscent of stuff like early Jawbreaker, etc. I saw ’em recently for the first time in a while, though, and I’m happy to say that they’re better than I’ve ever seen ’em — one major point is that they finally got their roadie guy (who’s a really nice guy; don’t get me wrong) to stop dancing around in his pink tutu while they play, but beyond that, the songs and the playing have improved, as well. They’ve only got a couple of things out, including a not-great track on the Songs From the Icehouse comp and they’re close-to-brand-new CD. I’m still making up my mind about it, largely ’cause it really doesn’t sound much like what I’d expected (more Cure than Sunny Day Real Estate). Still, it’s growing on me, so you oughta go check it out. Oh yeah, and I’m told the band just got a sweet deal with Muleshoe Entertainment, who manage/book/promote 7% Solution up in Dallas (or is it Austin?). Sounds promising…

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