SugarHill Studios

5626 Brock Street
Houston, TX 77023-5899
(713) 926-4431

Well, I’ve never used these guys myself, but they’re the big studio in town for local bands (and plenty of others). I’m told they do have a tremendous amount of cool gear, both new & vintage, so that’s a definite plus. Again, I can’t say really what the place is like, but Dan Workman, who runs the place, has a pretty good reputation about town and a lot of experience — I’ve heard lots of good things about ’em, even from other studio folks (I have heard a few folks bitch about it, but y’know). Oh yeah, and their rates aren’t the lowest in town, but they’re definitely not too bad, and I’m told that they offer bands 50%-off rates during off-peak times. Pretty cool of ’em…

Studio writeup by . Studio writeup posted Wednesday, April 28th, 2004. Filed under Studios.

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