On the Run Recordings

Baytown, TX.

Master Bedroom Studios


806 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX. “ajr3” at “swbell dot net” Contact: Al Rutter

The Music Room Recording Studio

713-956-4134 “rick” at “musicroomrecording dot com” “chris” at “musicroomrecording dot com” Contact: Rick Paulson (Owner/Engineer) Contact: Chris Folmer (Engineer/Producer; 281-935-5173)

Broken Levee Records

“justin” at “brokenleveerecors dot com”

Architect Studio

Baytown, TX.

Stone Logic Productions

P.O. Box 6865 Kingwood, TX. 77325 281-382-5273 “mweaver” at “stonelogicstudios dot com” Contact: Matt Weaver

The Lion’s Den Recordings


Dugong Recording

(281) 782-6236 “booking” at “dugongrecording dot com” Contact: Brandon Bowers (Engineer)

Hifi Mastering Online

11018 Cedarhurst Dr. Houston, TX. 77096 1-866-927-8136 (toll free) “info” at “hifimasteringonline dot com”

RedRum Studios

Pasadena, TX.

Smiley Face Records

713-524-6457 “Cindy” at “smileyfacerecords dot com”

Fallen-Records Studios

2950 Shaver c-17 Pasadena, TX. 77502 281-381-8452 “malekoman999” at “yahoo dot com” Contact: Malek Nouiery (Owner/Manager/Booking)

GreatDepths Recordings

713-859-8830 “Museiame” at “yahoo dot com”

Red Letter

Wolf & Tiger Studios

“wolfandtigertx” at “gmail dot com”

Translucent Audio Productions

“taproductions” at “ymail dot com”

Red Tree Recording Studio

32618 Tamina Road Magnolia, TX. 281-378-4292

Music World Studios

2202 Crawford St. Houston TX. 77002 713-772-5175 “studio” at “musicworldent dot com”

360 Recording Studio

11430 Bissonnet Houston, TX. 77099 832-598-7348 “wickedwaysrecording” at “gmail dot com”

In the Jar Studios

1510 Quitman Houston, TX. 77009 “srt_mail” at “earthlink dot net”

Essential Sound Mastering

5626 Brock St. Suite 200 Houston, TX. 77023 713-785-6479 Fax: 713-926-1197 “info” at “esmastering dot com”

Wire Road Studios

713-636-9772 “inquiries” at “wireroadstudios dot com” “scheduling” at “wireroadstudios dot com”

Sunrise Sound Studios

3330 Walnut Bend Lane Houston, TX. 77042 (713) 977-9165 Fax: (713) 977-4242 “sunrisemanager” at “sunrisesound dot com”


7110 Gary Houston, TX. 77055 713-960-8222 x1 “sworks” at “soundworks dot com”

Sound Arts Recording Studio

8377 Westview Drive Houston, TX. 77055 (713) 464-4653 Fax: (713) 464-2622 “brianbaker” at “soundartsrecording dot com” Contact: Brian Baker

Skullsessions Recording Studio

James Hook (713) 724-9806 “hook” at “skullsessions dot com”

Origin Sound Productions

(281) 467-4594 “Info” at “Originsound dot com” Contact: Craig Douglas (Owner/Engineer)

No Raincoats Studios

Sugar Land, TX. “alexadamitis” at “gmail dot com”

Magellan Sound Studio

Sugar Land, TX. (281) 948-2392 (713) 385-9466 “info” at “magellansoundstudio dot com” Contact: W.C. Hamberg

Little Red Sound & Recording

610 Asbury St Houston, TX 77007 (713) 869-0034 Contact: Fred

Ivory Tower Productions

(832) 689-4475

Hyde Park Studios

2115 Taft Street Houston, TX. 77006 (713) 490-8325 “hydeparkstudio” at “yahoo dot com”

Hound Dawg Studio

Katy, TX. 832-202-7137 “Dan” at “hounddawgstudio dot com”

H & S Recordings and Sounds

Contact: Chris Herlevic/Daniel Salazar

Duotone Productions

Spring, TX. (281) 288-8649 “duotonestudios” at “aol dot com”

Cash Studios

(281) 685-9823 (Blake) (713) 385-9466 (Michael) “cashstudios” at “yahoo dot com” Contact: Michael Cash (Owner/Lead Engineer), Blake Quimby (Studio Assistant)

Buzz Smith Music

(281) 879-4484 “askbuzz” at “buzzsmithmusic dot com”

Bob Green Productions

5034 Tangle Lane Houston, Texas 77056 (713) 355-1334 Fax: (713) 355-1305 “heard” at “bobgreenproductions dot com”

Big Door Studios

Webster, TX. (281) 816-6917 “BDS” at “BIGDOORSTUDIOS dot COM”

H-Town Mixtape

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