Live From Sugarhill Recording Tomorrow: Jonx, Tax, & Me

I have to say, times like this make me feel pretty damn fortunate. See, when {The Jonx} played their final breakup show last month, I couldn’t go — I was frantically packing to leave town early the next morning and trying to get a dozen things done besides…

Co-Pilot Release Show, This Thursday

This coming Thursday (October 14th, to be exact) is going to kill me, I swear — not only is it the night of the final-ever(?) show by {The Jonx}, but it’s also a rare appearance…

Sad News Time: The Jonx Bow Out, Next Thursday

Damn, damn, damn. Apparently I missed the real-brief note about it on the band’s blog last Friday, but I happened to see this AM that the guys in the band had gotten back online and explained a bit further…

Houston Punk Poster Art Lives On, Online

Honestly, it is well past time for something like this; I’m sort of surprised nobody’d done it sooner… Even still, {Ozone City Outrage} is pretty damn fascinating, esp. if you’ve lived through at least a little bit of what it covers…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: 500 Megatons of Boogie (CD release) + The Jonx + Gram Rabbit + Pale (video preview) + JBM + More

Still working on catching up on the massive piles of email I found waiting for me back home, but that doesn’t mean everybody else out there is resting, no sir. Here’s what sounds cool to me for this evening…

The Jonx, Vocabularian Herds

It’s funny, but while The Jonx do generally come off as a “serious” band — the flat-sounding talk-singing, the complex structures, the furious, almost jam-y feel to some of the songs — one of my favorite things about ’em is their almost subversive playfulness…

Update: The Gary/Jonx (Tonight!) + Many Birthdays (Tonight II!) + Ab Baars Trio (4/11!) + More

Got another pile of reviews up too-late last night, just in time for this sure-to-be-insane weekend. I’ll be hanging with the fam this weekend, myself, but if you’ll be out & about, well, you’re in luck. First, we’ve got two reviews for two different badass-sounding shows tonight, The Gary & Many Birthdays… The guys in […]

The Jonx

My, how they’ve grown… I’ve been a fan of The Jonx for a few years now, from back when the band was a member or two larger than it is now (ex-Jonxers Shawn Durrani and Viki Kenner have moved on to other things), and heck, I remember guitarist Stu Smith from back in both our college days…

The Jonx, No Turn Jonx Red

One of the coolest things about being an observer of the local H-town scene, at least for me, is getting to watch a lot of hometown folks evolve. The band process here works the same…

The Jonx, The Return of the Death of the Legacy of the Revenge of the Jonx

Sometimes, you either get something or you don’t. That’s the conclusion I came to when I saw Houston rockers the Jonx play a few years back; after the first two or three songs, my wife was grimacing and shaking her head. “This sucks,” she grumbled, “let’s get out of here…”

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