Sad News Time: The Jonx Bow Out, Next Thursday

Damn, damn, damn. Apparently I missed the real-brief note about it on the band’s blog last Friday, but I happened to see this AM that the guys in the band had gotten back online and explained a bit further… Sadly, The Jonx are calling it quits, as of, well, next week.

Read their post for the full explanation, but the gist is that bassist Trey Lavigne will be moving out-of-state soon (to Washington state, I think?), and with drummer Danny Mee already living up in Austin, being a real-live “band” is about to get pretty unworkable. sigh.

I can’t fault ’em, honestly — Real Life trumps The Band nearly every time, especially in a city like ours where it’s rarely possible to make a full-time living doing music. I’m sad to see the band and Trey go, though; after responding recently to somebody who declared that there weren’t any “groundbreaking” bands in this city, I smacked myself in the forehead for not pointing out that The Jonx themselves are one of those bands. There’s nobody around that does what they do, not exactly — they’ve got the SST and post-punk and math-rock influences in there, sure, but they evolved into their own wholly unique and distinct animal quite a while ago now.

Of course, it always sucks when bands go out with a whimper (or a shrug, at least) rather than a bang, so I’m glad to see they’re playing one last show before bowing out. Next Thursday, October 14th, the band will be hitting the stage at Walter’s on Washington, alongside fellow noisy/fist-punch-y post-punks and cool dudes Black Congress, so celebrate the almost-decade they’ve been making music.

Jonx-ers, we will miss y’all. Houston’s music scene will feel a bit sadder without you here.

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One Response to “Sad News Time: The Jonx Bow Out, Next Thursday”

  1. Daniel on October 9th, 2010 at 1:27 am

    Jeremy, thanks very much for this appreciation, and all the love SCR has shown the Jonx over the years.

    On Thursday, the Jonx and Black Congress will be joined by Landfill and special guests Shirtless Manfriend.

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