Co-Pilot Release Show, This Thursday

This coming Thursday (October 14th, to be exact) is going to kill me, I swear — not only is it the night of the final-ever(?) show by The Jonx, but it’s also a rare appearance by awesome, awesome spacerock dudes Co-Pilot. Argh. What the hell am I supposed to do, dammit? I’m not even sure I’ll be able to get out of the house that night — I’ll be heading up to Central TX on Friday to go camping with my dad & little brother for a couple of days — and now I’m faced with two can’t-miss shows. sigh.

I really shouldn’t complain, though, I know — I mean, both shows’ll be pretty great, so I should just be happy that they’re there, right? I’ve already blathered about the Jonxies in this space, and Co-Pilot deserve heaps & heaps of praise all on their own. I’ve been listening to their new-this-summer EP, The Course of Empire, a heck of a lot lately, and I’m liking the hell out of it.

Roaring/delicate guitars, thundering rhythms, sky-facing melodies…even more so than in days past, now Co-Pilot are sounding like what might happen if Pelican and Explosions in the Sky had a weird, introverted, astronomy-loving kid together. And yes, it’s really, truly good stuff. Plus, they’re playing with fellow locals Omotai, who do that doom-metal thing in ways ISIS would envy…

Whichever way you go this Thursday, you should be in for a treat. (Um, wait. The Vaselines, UK Subs, Scout Niblett, and Old 97s are all playing that night, too? Oh, fuck. I give up…)

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