Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: New York City Queens + A Sea Es + Brand New Hearts + P-Funk + Summer Street Fest + Craig Kinsey + More

Busy, busy day coming up, on into Saturday, May 3rd — there’s a ton going on, so much that I’m not going to have time to really talk about even most of it. But hell, let’s hit the highlights; here’s what I’m thinking looks & sounds cool…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Deftones + Mikey & The Drags + The Handshake + SHFL 10-Year Anniversary + Ragged Hearts + More

Next day of the weekend today, with Saturday, March 30th, and it’s kind of on the crazy side tonight; there’s a ton of stuff going on. Here we go…

Late Notice: Benefit for Victor Torres (With Springfield Riots & The Factory Party), Tonight

Late, late, late, I know; I got bogged down in Daddy-and-Little-Guy stuff this evening, but I didn’t want to let this slip completely through the cracks… The festivities started at 8PM over at Mango’s, but you can still make it out tonight (Thursday, February 28th) in plenty of time for a cool-sounding benefit…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Canned Acoustica + Amon Amarth + Dead to Me (MP3s!) + Bun B + No Hidden Meanings + More

Yes, yes, y’all, it’s the weekend, once again. Specifically, it’s Friday, August 26th, and it’s a busy one, to be sure… The biggest on my personal list is the latest installment of the Canned Acoustica series put on by photog/scenester Mark C. Austin

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Folk Family Revival (Rev’d!) + Dax Riggs + Devin The Dude + Wails + Jealous Creatures + More

Day 2 of this fine weekend, today, Saturday, July 9th, and there’s definitely some good stuff going on. I’ve already mentioned a couple of things, like the benefit for Blues in Hi-Fi DJ Clint Broussard

Live: Roky Moon & BOLT!/Springfield Riots/Jim and The Toms/Poor Pilate

It was freaking genius. The thought didn’t actually hit me ’til the band was underway, honestly, but then it all made beautiful, perfect sense. In the run-up to their official tour kickoff show, Roky Moon & BOLT! let potential show-goers know…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Roky Moon & BOLT (Sold Out!) + Jealous Creatures + Chingo Bling + Houston Sound + Pains of Being Pure at Heart + Fired For Walking + More

Damn. It’s been an insanely busy-busy-busy week, to the point where this weekend has seriously crept up behind and mugged me. Gah… Got to keep this relatively short, but there is a lot going on this weekend, starting tonight, Fri., April 8th, and you really, truly should not miss out…

Springfield Riots, Say When

Springfield Riots’ debut EP, Say When, is a bit of an odd duck of an album, in that it rides a line between sweet, Pet Sounds-esque melodies and murky, downcast melancholy; you’ll get a track like opener “Hope and Envy,” which is sweet and languid…

Yr Weekend, Pt. 2: Tody Castillo (New CD!) + The Dodos (Reviewed!) + The Roots + Springfield Riots + More

Back again, still sleep-deprived but feeling at least a little bit healthier; thankyew, antibiotics… Which is good, because tonight, in particular, is a veritable bear of a night, show-wise. Sat., October 3: Tody Castillo (CD release)/ Springfield Riots @ The Continental Club Damn, damn, damn. I know it seems weird, given the amazing amount of […]

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