Tomorrow: A Benefit for Blues in Hi-Fi’s Clint Broussard

In case you missed the news when it happened, in late March of this year longtime KTRU DJ Clint Broussard, the man behind the much-loved Blues in Hi-Fi show for more than a decade, was involved in a nasty car wreck after getting cut off by another car. (Props to the Houston Press for their coverage of the accident & aftermath, btw.)

Thankfully, Clint survived the wreck, but his injuries apparently required multiple surgeries, and he’s got no health insurance. As anybody who’s ever had to go to an ER for anything knows full well, that means he’s got a hefty medical bill now hanging over his head, one his day jobs at Cactus and The Ginger Man aren’t likely to make much of a dent in. sigh. It’s a sad, sad state we’re in, folks…

All is not lost, however. Tomorrow (Sat., July 9th) a gang of goodhearted musician types will be playing over at the aforementioned Ginger Man in Rice Village, in an effort to raise money to help Clint out with his bills. On the bill are Mike Stinson, Young Girls (who I’m liking a lot lately), The Mighty Orq, and John Egan, and beyond the music, there’ll also be a silent auction, with all the proceeds going to the cause.

This is a very worthwhile thing, y’all — Broussard may not be a musician himself, but he’s been a local icon on the radio around here for a long damn time, the kind of DJ who makes radio worth listening to even in this age of MP3s and blandly corporatized media. Ramon from the Free Press Houston sums it up quite nicely on over here; go read, then make plans to stop by the Ginger Man tomorrow. The festivities start at 3PM and runs ’til 6PM or so…

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