Late Notice: Benefit for Victor Torres (With Springfield Riots & The Factory Party), Tonight

149397_10150842114281475_899223620_nLate, late, late, I know; I got bogged down in Daddy-and-Little-Guy stuff this evening, but I didn’t want to let this slip completely through the cracks…

The festivities started at 8PM over at Mango’s, but you can still make it out tonight (Thursday, February 28th) in plenty of time for a cool-sounding benefit show the organizers are calling Flash: Benefit for Victor Torres. It’s a show to raise money for Victor‘s medical expenses; apparently he can’t make it there himself, as he’s still in the hospital, but this’ll be a big, big help to he and his family.

Beyond the innate goodness of it all, obviously, is the fact that some truly kick-ass bands are donating their time. What I’ve heard of Fuska has been cool, and I’ve heard good stuff about Killing Clover, but the kicker is the dual-reunion thing going on, with both nu-New Wave-ish outfit The Factory Party and jangly/fuzzy indie-pop supergroup Springfield Riots (both of whom I’m not-so-secretly hoping will stick around a while) finishing out the night.

No clue what the cover is for tonight, but give whatever you can, eh? Get on up there, right now…

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