Good Things Today: At the Drive-In + Football, Etc. + Ruiners + Saint Arnold 23rd Anniversary + Pop Shop Houston + More

Alright, folks — still recovering somewhat from last weekend (a combination of sogginess, tinnitus, and heatstroke), but there’s some truly, truly excellent stuff going on today/tonight (Saturday, June 10th), so I didn’t want to let ’em slip away…

Tomorrow: Badass Beer + Badass Music, at Untapped Houston

Okay, here I am typing this, and part of me is snickering and saying, seriously, who am I kidding? If you’re a fan of craft beers and/or music, odds are pretty good you’re already well aware of Untapped Houston, the H-town installment of the now Texas-wide music-and-brews showcase Untapped

Remembering the Fallen, Tonight: Benefit for Houston Firefighters at Saint Arnold’s (with Second Lovers & Corey Power)

Quick notice, y’all; there’s a very cool, very worthwhile benefit show being thrown tonight up at Saint Arnold’s Brewery in honor of Houston’s brave firefighters and EMTs. They’re always deserving of our support, to be sure…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Something Fierce + Rudz Anniversary + Benefit/Party for Dr. Rick + Summer Dogwash + More

Yeah, I know I’ve skipped more than a few “Pt. 3″s lately; sorry about that, but in most of those cases, it just felt like there I didn’t have much to say about even the good shows that were going on those past Sundays… Not the same deal for today, mind you…

Final Caroline Sessions Show Ever, Tomorrow Night

Some bittersweet news for tomorrow night (Saturday, July 28th), I’m afraid, from the folks behind The Caroline Sessions series of low-key acoustic shows that’ve unfolded…

Girls Rock Camp Houston Punk Rock Prom, Tonight at Spring Street Studios

Late notice, I know, but there’s a very cool benefit going on tonight (Saturday, June 30th) up at Spring Street Studios (1824 Spring Street) for Girls Rock Camp Houston, a group/cause that’s near & dear to my heart…

Help Japan, Today at The Caroline Collective

A cool, cool benefit event going on today/tonight (Sunday, March 27th) over at the Caroline Collective, as this week’s installment of The Caroline Sessions

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