Final Caroline Sessions Show Ever, Tomorrow Night

Some bittersweet news for tomorrow night (Saturday, July 28th), I’m afraid, from the folks behind The Caroline Sessions series of low-key acoustic shows that’ve unfolded ’round these parts for the past few years…

Tomorrow’s show up at the Saint Arnold Brewery, sadly, will be the last Caroline Session ever before they ride off into the sunset. Before they go, though, they’re having one last hurrah — this finale will include some of the best performers who’ve appeared on the Sessions’ stage, namely Andrew Karnavas, Chase Hamblin, Clory Martin, Corey Power, Frank Freeman, Matt Harlan, & Melissa Savcic, plus plenty of special guests. It’s quite a lineup, honestly.

As part of the goodbye, they’re going to be recording a real-live Caroline Sessions album showcasing the music of these folks — the tickets for the evening are $15, and that dough’s going straight into getting the album made, which is a very cool thing.

Obviously, it sucks that the Sessions will be done after tomorrow evening, but hey, at least they’re going out on a high note, right? Per organizer Tom Paynter, “I didn’t want it just go on and just fade out. We’ve hit several high points. I’d rather decide my exit, as opposed to getting burned out or [it] being decided on for me.” Can’t argue with that.

Anyway, get on up Saint Arnold’s and celebrate the end of something very cool.

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