Tomorrow: Badass Beer + Badass Music, at Untapped Houston

8ed385d0-e31d-4bf0-8eb4-e20d35da085aOkay, here I am typing this, and part of me is snickering and saying, seriously, who am I kidding? If you’re a fan of craft beers and/or music, odds are pretty good you’re already well aware of Untapped Houston, the H-town installment of the now Texas-wide music-and-brews showcase Untapped.

I mean, the thing’s grown so big over the past three years that it’s spawned imitators, for crying out loud, and despite my initial misgivings, I’ve gotta say, the festival organizers have done a damn fine job of keeping it rolling and growing.

In case you’re not on them Interwebs things real often, though: I would heartily, seriously recommend this to anybody who loves music or beer. Tomorrow (Saturday, September 12th, that is), you can head on over to Discovery Green and try something like 275 different beers from 65 different breweries (the complete list is over here), all while listening to & watching awesome musicians like moody folky-gone-rocker Sarah Jaffe — who was stellar at this year’s FPSF — H-town rap star Fat Tony, sleek, post-New Wave maestro Twin Shadow, soulful popsters Cold War Kids, or revved-up pop-rock crew New York City Queens, right down in the shadows of the skyscrapers.

I can’t claim to be a big beer fan, honestly, but nevertheless, I’m fascinated the whole craft brewery phenomenon and dearly love that our big, messy city now has a slew of local breweries, from old-timers Saint Arnold to relative newcomers Karbach, 8th Wonder, Buffalo Bayou, and Southern Star, out in Conroe.

And hey, the weather’s supposed to be nice tomorrow — cool with no rain — which means Downtown will actually be survivable for once (hopefully), and unlike last year, there won’t be any flooding problems (again: hopefully). So get on over there, have some beers, listen to some music, all that stuff; it’s a pretty neat deal…

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