Shellee Coley, Where It Began

Some albums — the best ones, generally — have personalities, just like people. Even though they may swing wildly between different styles, they’re tied together somehow by this overarching thread that runs throughout. They step beyond, “hey, this isn’t bad,” to pull you along with them on their emotional journey, wherever it happens to lead…

Good News Time: Folk Family Revival (Maybe?) Nominated for Grammys & football, etc. Heads Overseas

Ah, how I love the good news — this year’s been weird, actually, in that for once the good news seems, at least, to outweigh the bad (although the bad, like blues legend Earl Gilliam’s recent passing…)

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Folk Family Revival (Rev’d!) + Dax Riggs + Devin The Dude + Wails + Jealous Creatures + More

Day 2 of this fine weekend, today, Saturday, July 9th, and there’s definitely some good stuff going on. I’ve already mentioned a couple of things, like the benefit for Blues in Hi-Fi DJ Clint Broussard

Folk Family Revival, Unfolding

How old are these guys, again? That’s the thought that keeps replaying in my head, over and over again, as I listen to the Folk Family Revival’s debut full-length, Unfolding. It boggles my mind that at least a couple…

H-Town Mixtape

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