Good News Time: Folk Family Revival (Maybe?) Nominated for Grammys & football, etc. Heads Overseas

Ah, how I love the good news — this year’s been weird, actually, in that for once the good news seems, at least, to outweigh the bad (although the bad, like blues legend Earl Gilliam’s recent passing, is really freaking bad), with new stuff rolling nonchalantly into the Inbox with regularity. So, here’re a couple from this very day (yes, for once I’m attempting to be timely & shit)…

First off, the folks at management group Magnolia Red announced via their Facebook page that local northside boys Folk Family Revival are in the running to be nominated for three freaking Grammys. Yep, those Grammys. Whoa.

Granted, this is just preliminary stuff, but still, it’s cool that they’re even in contention — they’re in the running to be nominated for Best New Artist, Song of the Year, & Americana Album of the Year. Sure, it’s probably a long shot, but still, I’ll have my fingers crossed. Hell, I’d vote for “Unfolding” as Song of the Year, if I could; it makes me want to just stare up at the sky with my mouth wide open every time I hear it.

Stepping on over to #2, got word this AM that cool, cool emo trio football, etc. will be touring the UK this coming December/January, starting off in London at a house show 12/27 (Londoners, email “andnotheardzine” at “gmail dot com” for info on where/when). They’ll make their way on up to Scotland, playing Dundee, Edinburgh, & Glasgow, before heading back southwards, ending in Brighton on 1/7.

The tour’s sponsored by (set up by?) Alter The Press!, and the football folk’ll be touring with awesomely-named Scottish band Your Neighbour The Liar. Check out the full dates over here, and watch ’em take the British Isles by storm…

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2 Responses to “Good News Time: Folk Family Revival (Maybe?) Nominated for Grammys & football, etc. Heads Overseas”

  1. JVfootballetc on October 24th, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    thanks for posting! your neighbour the liar set up the tour for us and alter the press is sponsoring.

  2. Jeremy Hart on October 26th, 2011 at 12:30 am

    Ah, cool — I wasn’t real clear on that part. :) Awesome news, either way!

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