Christian Kidd & Alexis Kidd, Just a Houston Punk

I don’t know Christian Kidd, not really; we’ve exchanged emails a few times, sure, but we’ve never met in person, never had a conversation longer than a sentence or two. I think the closest I’ve come to introducing myself to the guy — who over the many…

Tomorrow: Readings from E. G. Bandera-Duplantier’s Bayou Flesh at Khon’s Bar

Fans of {The Manichean} — or of literary-type things in general — might want to head over to Khon’s Bar (2808 Milam), because Cory Sinclair & Justice Tirapelli-Jamail will both be reading selections…

Haunt Wall Street, This Evening

If you read this site at all regularly, you’ll probably know by now that I (meaning Jeremy; I definitely do not speak for all our writers & contributors) am a big fan of the Occupy Together

Tonight: Tex Kerschen Reads From New Book Tidal Economics

More good news, albeit from a different front… {Indian Jewelry} (and ex- of the beloved band Japanic) frontman Tex Kerschen will be up at DiverseWorks tonight…

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