Haunt Wall Street, This Evening

If you read this site at all regularly, you’ll probably know by now that I (meaning Jeremy; I definitely do not speak for all our writers & contributors) am a big fan of the Occupy Together folks, and more specifically of the Occupy Houston crew. I’ve been wanting to get down to the protests in downtown for the past couple of weeks, but circumstances keep derailing my plans — soon, dammit.

At any rate, they’re good people who’re out there for a good cause, one that affects nearly everybody in this country. I’ll skip the bully pulpit for now, though, because what I mostly want to do right now is point to a cool-sounding event they’ve got planned for tonight (Sunday, October 30th) called Haunt Wall Street.

I’ve tried to paraphrase it, but I can’t really describe this any better than the OH people do themselves:

Come to “Haunt Wall St.,” Occupy Houston’s open mic poetry night this Sunday, Oct. 30th from 5:00-8:00pm!

We are calling all poets, performers, and musicians to sign up for a slot at our delicious, devious evening of original works, readings of great poems, essays, and speeches, and songs!

We will meet at Tranquility Park at 5pm, and enjoy performances until 7pm, when the group will walk and recite to the Wells Fargo building, declaiming from the sidewalk!

Join us for an evening of spooktacular literary delights!

There you go; go get literary & political tonight, eh?

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  1. creg on November 1st, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    glad you support them, cuz i do too!

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