Tonight: Tex Kerschen Reads From New Book Tidal Economics

More good news, albeit from a different front… Indian Jewelry (and ex- of the beloved band Japanic) frontman Tex Kerschen will be up at DiverseWorks tonight (10/11/11), reading from — dum-da-de-dum — his new book, Tidal Economics.

I’m not entirely sure what the book’s like, but it sounds like it’s poetry — the DW site calls it “a collection of verse (rules and unruled) arguments,” and I’ve read some of what he’s posted in the past on his personal site. Check out the “Tidal Economics” tag here to get a sampling.

It’s worth mentioning, too, that Tex has been pretty heavily involved in the art scene here for a number of years now, and not just with the music. It’s insane how many artistic areas the guy dips his toes into, I swear. I feel like such a freaking slacker.

BTW, I apparently completely missed Tex winning a Houston Arts Alliance/City of Houston 2011 Individual Artist Grant Award this year, which I’m assuming is partly what’s enabled him to publish the book. Belated congrats, man, for both the award & the book…

The reading tonight starts at 8PM, and as the handy flyer over there says, it’s free-free-free. Free avant-garde, heavy-thinking poetry, people — get on out.

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