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a2bb63cc-aadb-4505-bd11-73c844851d8eIt’s been a big, big year for ska-soul outfit The Suffers, and from where I sit, they fully, truly deserve it; they’re a damn fine band, and they’ve worked their asses off to get to where they are. Despite the ridiculous highs of 2015, though, they’re not done yet — next up, they want to make their first full-length album. And they want you and me to help ’em do it.

Their new Kickstarter campaign kicked off yesterday, and they’re already moving nicely towards their $50,000 goal; they’re not all the way, though, and 50 grand is a fair chunk of change. And hey, there’re plenty of perks at all different levels, from a copy of the CD or record to a personalized postcard from the band to a hanging out and making sandwiches with the band to a personal acoustic performance.

The coolest perk, sadly, has already been snatched up by some lucky fan — that’d be the dress frontwoman Kam Franklin wore when the Suffers performed on Letterman a few months back.

For me, though, the coolest part of this is helping out a band I honest-to-God love take that next step along the road, and helping ’em do it without getting locked down by a recording contract. This is what Kickstarter is for, as far as I’m concerned: helping artists without the necessary means to do what they want to do on their own terms.

The campaign ends next month, on October 17th, so you’ve still got some time. What I’d really like to see, though, is for fans to blow this thing out and go way beyond what the band’s asking for; hell, if vaporware video games can do it, surely a band that actually makes real-live music can, too, right? Let’s do this, folks.

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