Day for Night 2016 Rundown, Pt. 2: Wild Moccasins + Matmos + Daughters + Arca + Chelsea Wolfe + Liars + SOPHIE + S U R V I V E + DJ Windows 98 + Squarepusher

Hey, folks — back again with Part 2 of SCR‘s little rundown/preview things of as many randomly-selected musicians and bands performing this weekend —Saturday, December 17th & Sunday, December 18th — at Day for Night as we can cram in in the short time we’ve got left…

Help The Suffers Make A Record, Right Now

It’s been a big, big year for ska-soul outfit {The Suffers}, and from where I sit, they fully, truly deserve it; they’re a damn fine band, and they’ve worked their asses off to get to where they are. Despite the ridiculous highs of 2015, though, they’re not done yet — next up, they want to make their first full-length album. And they want you and me to help ’em do it…

Coming Up: Untapped Fest Unfolds This Weekend (And Hey, A Giveaway!)

Alright, people — remember just the other day when I talked about Houston’s current bounty of music-type festivals? Well, another’s happening this weekend, and it promises to be pretty spectacular. This is the third (I think?) year of the Houston edition of the Untapped Festival

Live: Paste Untapped Festival Houston

I should know to always leave a little extra time between getting to a show and actually expecting to get in, but as usual, I was running on time instead of early. That nearly made me late — there was quite a line forming at about 4:30…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Purple Rain Party + American Fangs + For The Community V + Night Beds (MP3!) + The 1975 + Circa Paleo + More

Yep, it’s the weekend yet again, and I feel in some ways like I’m still staggering back to my feet after last weekend, with all that FPSF madness… But it’s not last weekend, it’s Fri., June 7th, and we must soldier on…

H-Town Mixtape

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