Help The Suffers Make A Record, Right Now

It’s been a big, big year for ska-soul outfit {The Suffers}, and from where I sit, they fully, truly deserve it; they’re a damn fine band, and they’ve worked their asses off to get to where they are. Despite the ridiculous highs of 2015, though, they’re not done yet — next up, they want to make their first full-length album. And they want you and me to help ’em do it…

Kickstarter Time: Help Miss Leslie Fund Her New CD & eBook

The clock’s already running on this one, so I wanted to get this post up asap (which, naturally, in my usual slowness, means it’s already a week later than it should’ve been)… I really, truly love H-town’s own old-school country singer/fiddler Miss Leslie to death, so I’m psyched…

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