Holy Hot Damn Yes: KTRU Back on Yr Radio, Next Friday (So Celebrate Next Thursday!)

Holy shit, y’all. Okay, so I’d heard the rumors that this was happening for a few months now, but I was afraid to take ’em to heart and potentially be let down. And yet, it’s actually happened: KTRU, long the only radio station I would listen to in this here city and a place where I myself used to DJ many moons ago, will be back on the FM radio waves as of next Friday, October 2nd

Catch Cool-Ass United Waves Live, Tonight at Walter’s (and Hey, a Video!)

One of the things I love best about the scene here (and yes, I’m well aware that lots of other cities have music scenes that are similar in this respect) is that after a while, you start to see a lot of the same characters roaming in and around, joining up in different configurations and doing stuff that they’ve maybe never tried before. Sure, people do leave, and it’s a bummer when that happens, but if you look at a lot of the coolest, most interesting bands in H-town…

Yes, Indeed! 2015 Rundown, Pt. 2: Tightn’ Up + Son of Bitch + Bang Bangz + The Wandering Bufaleros + The Clicky Boots + Carpet and the Drapes + Carmeci + Guilla + Sik Mule + Second Lovers + Brown Sabbath

Hey, folks — we’re back again with the second bunch of writeups for Yes, Indeed! Music Fest 2015, which happens tomorrow, Saturday, September 19th, and which promises to a hell of a good time with much awesome music involved. Head on over to the magical near-Downtown nexus known as Mid-Main and enjoy bouncing…

Yes, Indeed! 2015, This Saturday! (Rundown, Pt. 1): Bee Caves + The Working Girls + Jealous Creatures + Black Kite + Moji + Blue Healer + Wrestlers + RIVERS + Handsomebeast

And speaking of festival-type things… Yup, this coming Saturday, September 19th, is the 2015 installment of the ever-excellent Yes, Indeed! Music Festival run by SCR‘s own Jason Smith and Energizer Bunny-like cohort Phil “Bassman Pep” Peterson

Day for Night: FPH Delivers Us a Winter Music/Art/Whatever Extravaganza, At Long Last

Oh, yes. Ever since the very first-ever Free Press Summer Fest hit this city, there’s been grumbling and griping out there (and from me right here, it’s true) about why in the sweet fuck did Omar Afra and his Free Press Houston crew decide to schedule their big-ass music fest for the hottest part of the H-town summer? And could we please-please-please make it “Fallfest” or “Winter Fest” or something?…

Tomorrow: Badass Beer + Badass Music, at Untapped Houston

Okay, here I am typing this, and part of me is snickering and saying, seriously, who am I kidding? If you’re a fan of craft beers and/or music, odds are pretty good you’re already well aware of Untapped Houston, the H-town installment of the now Texas-wide music-and-brews showcase Untapped

David Ramirez, Fables

I wasn’t sure what to make of David Ramirez’s latest full-length, Fables, not at first. I was expecting something more like the fiery Rooster, or maybe the downtrodden reconciliation of Apologies, but what I heard instead was a slate of (mostly) low-key, almost fragile songs that were slow-moving to the point of somnolence at times. I didn’t feel let down, not exactly, but I didn’t feel entirely satisfied, either…

Help The Suffers Make A Record, Right Now

It’s been a big, big year for ska-soul outfit {The Suffers}, and from where I sit, they fully, truly deserve it; they’re a damn fine band, and they’ve worked their asses off to get to where they are. Despite the ridiculous highs of 2015, though, they’re not done yet — next up, they want to make their first full-length album. And they want you and me to help ’em do it…


2401 San Jacinto Houston, TX. 77002 (832) 443-5781

The Music Box Theater

2623 Colquitt Houston, TX. 77098 (713) 522-7722 “bdscarborough” at “gmail dot com”

Civic TV Collective

2119 Dallas St. Unit B Houston, TX. 77003 (713) 822-4692 Terry Suprean “contact” at “civictvcollective dot com”

The Empty Glass

104 Market St. Tomball, TX. 77375 (832) 698-4722 “seeyou” at “theemptyglass dot com”

Spring Street Studios

1824 Spring St. Houston, TX. 77007 (713) 862-0082 Fax: (713) 862-6814 “studioprsubmissions” at “gmail dot com”

Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon

11410 Hempstead Rd. Houston, TX. 77092 (713) 677-0828

Redneck Country Club

11110 W. Airport Blvd. Stafford, TX. 77477 (281) 809-4867

Black Barbie

3621 Canal St. Houston, TX. 77003 (832) 640-4027


924 Congress Houston, TX. 77002 (713) 237-8828

Houston Watch Co.

913 Franklin St. Houston, TX. 77002 (713) 485-0006

La Playa

2719 Alabama St. Houston, TX. 77004 (832) 582-0564

Bea Ying Projects

2108 Common St. Houston, TX. 77009 (713) 679-3985 “ariet” at “beayingprojects” dot “com”

The Silo

4601 Clinton Dr. Houston, TX. 77020 (832) 423-1005

Revention Music Center

This place was known for a couple of decades as Verizon Wireless Theatre, but in 2012 it changed hands and became Bayou Music Center, instead…

H-Town Mixtape

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