Peloton Premieres New Video, Right Here

I swear, the more I hear of new-ish noisy, messy, too-smart-for-their-own-good rockers Peloton, the more I love ’em.

They’re like a holdover from those mid-’90s days when a band could play music that was full-on noise, all sharp-edged guitars, crushing, bottom-of-the-sea bass, and feedback, with hyperliterate, sung/spoken vocals and a darkly cynical smirk. It’s like The Grifters met Barkmarket and they had a baby together, and that child grew up mean and clever and would knife you for your beer in a dark alley somewhere if you turned your back on it. And damn, it’s pretty awesome.

Which is why I was psyched as hell when frontman Denniz Polk asked if we here at SCR would want to post up the brand-new video for their track “Kim Deal / Kim Gordon”, off their most recent EP, Twist Off Your Head! (which I’ve been sadly remiss in reviewing, by the by; the pile just gets bigger & bigger…).

Like the band’s previous video, for “Of Hoses and Horses” (which we mentioned a little while back right here), this one’s got a scattered, shaky-cam feel to it, jumping from live footage of the band playing at somebody’s house down in Angleton to seemingly-random shots of flowers, band members, etc., and old film from God-knows-where. It works beautifully, though, with the disillusioned, the-scene’s-gone-wrong theme of the song.

Check it out:

Thanks to Denniz & the rest of the crew for letting us post this up here; I don’t even think it’s on the band’s Facebook page yet…

Oh, and the band plays June 27th up at the new Walter’s (1120 Naylor), alongside fellow loud-and-heavy dudes Big Fiction (and maybe some other bands besides, I dunno). Catch ’em…

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