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WAREHOUSE LIVE — 4/27/2012: I can’t recall the last time I saw Say Anything live — it must’ve been at least three years ago, maybe more — but I finally got to see them again in April, the first time since then, and let me tell you, they put on a heck of a show.

As most readers probably know, the band was on tour supporting their new album Anarchy, My Dear, which came out not too long ago (March 13th), and most of the crowd already knew all the songs performed from that release. The crowd was a mixture of die-hard fans that have been there since the beginning and a bunch of kids who seemed to only know the new stuff. Nevertheless, they were all singing their hearts out.

When Say Anything took the stage, I got a familiar rush of nostalgia as I remembered the many things I have experienced while listening to their music. Long gone were the days of carelessness and not being able to buy alcohol at a show that the original fan base must remember, but the passion remained the same.

Their set was explosive and energetic right from the start. The newest addition to their set lists, “Burn A Miracle,” got tons of love, but nothing compared to the response that stuff from …Is A Real Boy got. Frontman Max Bemis took the opportunity to announce a forthcoming rarities box-set “within the coming year.” As we expected/anticipated, favorite tracks like “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” were performed, as well.

I heard many people say that although Anarchy was a good album, it just wasn’t good enough compared to their older stuff. I believe, however, that it’s just different because the band and listeners are all much more mature now — maturity that comes with knowing why revolution is necessary and with growing up. END

(Photo by Ryan Russel.)

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