Watch This Now: Knights of the Fire Kingdom’s “Chinese Dragon”

Sometimes I dread checking the Webmail the morning, fearing the flood of label/PR emails that’ve come in over the past 24 hours or so and cringing when I see stuff about the weekend just past that I totally dropped the ball on.

Sometimes, though, that morning email brings awesomely cool things to my Inbox, like, say, a brand-new video from badass, snarling, head-snapping rockers Knights of the Fire Kingdom, for their similarly badass song “Chinese Dragon.” The video was made by the multi-talented Denniz Polk, who did something kinda-sorta similar a while back for his own band, Peloton, and he combines the jumpy, twitchy live footage of the band and camera-walking-around-the-bar (which is Walter’s, I’m pretty sure) nicely into a hazy, blurry-edged, loud document of That Night That Was Great That Time But You Can’t Really Remember All of It.

Here goes:

Okay, yeah, I needed this, I truly, truly did. There’s nothing like some full-on, in-your-face rawk with driving guitars and awesomely raw, bitterly angry vocals to help take my mind off how utterly fucked the world has become this past week, and the Knights deliver perfectly. If you are a fan of heavy music, guitars that punch you in the face but leave you grinning, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt, Jawbreaker, or New Bomb Turks, then you need to hear this band. Trust me.

(Oh, and I’m told Knights of the Fire Kingdom will be playing next at Rudyard’s on 1/17 — make yr plans now, folks. The world ain’t ending, dammit.)

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