Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Lucinda Williams + Toro Y Moi + Fake Problems + Dead Rabbits + More

Yet another day in a weekend of busy, busy days, despite the current deluge — hope everybody who’s at the Bayou City Art Festival downtown (including our talented friend Deborah Norsworthy) stays dry & safe…

Anyway, tonight, Sunday, October 9th, there’s some great stuff going on for those willing to brave the rain. First off, Lucinda Williams is over at Warehouse Live — the woman’s a bona-fide badass, and I say that based pretty much solely on 1998’s Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, which is the one & only album my wife and I both owned when we got married that neither of us was willing to sell, since we now had two copies between us.

And hey, Over The Rhine are nothing to sneeze at, either; a friend sent me a copy of their new album, The Long Surrender, but I sadly haven’t been able to check it out just yet; one of these damn days…

Over at Fitz, then, there’s a cool-sounding show with Toro Y Moi, who I’ve been intrigued by when I’ve heard ’em in the past; it’s electronic but surprisingly warm for that, delicate and friendly and melodic and not at all robotic, which is a damn good thing in my book.

Mango’s has a good lineup tonight, too, with out-of-towners Creamers, who might be the long-running L.A. punks (no guarantees), plus locals White Crime, who I’m liking, and Noguey, which is members of Cop Warmth & The Takes.

There’s some serious weirdness going on over at Super Happy Fun Land, with the Off The Wall Festival Too, which features a lineup of noise-makers that might include Rusted Shut (again, no guarantees).

Then there’s the House of Blues, which has a bunch of tuneful post-emo kids, including Floridians Fake Problems, about whom I’ve heard many great things.

Can’t forget the south-of-towners, either — The Scout Bar‘s got The Texas Buzz tonight, and this week’s installment includes The Dead Rabbits, who play some awesomely punk-y, raucous, shiv-you-in-the-back folk-rawk.

Here’s the whole list:

Lucinda Williams/Over The Rhine @ Warehouse Live
Toro Y Moi/Unknown Mortal Orchestra/Bass Drum of Death @ Fitzgerald’s
Creamers/White Crime/Noguey @ Mango’s
The Texas Buzz, featuring Dykes on Bykes, The Dead Rabbits, & Grizzly @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Off The Wall Festival Too, featuring Cracked Ray Tube, Yaktronix, Black Magic Marker, The Annoysters, Andy Rivera, Dirty Churches, & Muzak @ Super Happy Fun Land
Never Shout Never/A Rocket to the Moon/Fake Problems/Carter Hulsey @ House of Blues

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