Fake Problems, Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies

Fake Problems, Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies

I was really jaded about new music for a while. Over the last year, I kind of woke from my trance and realized that music now is not all bad. One of the bands that helped me come to this realization is Fake Problems’ Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies. I was set in my record rotation and didn’t think I’d find any new bands that could compete, but these guys woke my ass up. They appeal to all the different genres I’ve been into over the years — namely, punk, ska, folk, and rock. And the mix isn’t obnoxious; it’s just catchy enough. All the parts add to the other ones. Chris Farren’s vocals are reminiscent of Brendan Kelley in Slapstick and appeal to my nostalgic side.

This 7-inch is their followup to an amazing full-length debut and existential concept album, How Far Our Bodies Go. On Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies they bring the fun but don’t lack on lyrical content at all. Fake Problems will have your toes-a-tappin’, and you’ll be humming the songs even after the record stops spinning. This is a three-song release, with two on the first side and one on the second, and each side is solid and should get equal spin treatment. They returned to Rob McGregor (Hot Water Music, Against Me!, that whole “Gainesville Sound”) to record this one, which isn’t surprising since Fake Problems hails from Naples, Florida.

Definitely a good addition to your 7-inch collection. I’m looking forward to a new full-length and hoping they can make room on a tour for a Houston show this year, which shouldn’t be a problem considering how much this band tours.

(Good Friends Records -- 610 19th Street SW, Naples, FL. 34117; http://www.goodfriendsrecords.com/; Fake Problems -- http://www.fakeproblems.com/)
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