Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: David Bazan + Rocky Votolato (MP3!) + Featherface + Dann Halen + Matt The Electrician (MP3!) + Miss Leslie + More

Saturday, July 2nd today, and there’s plenty of good stuff going on in the runup to the 4th craziness… First & foremost is the David Bazan (“+ Band”) show at Fitzgerald’s; I like Bazan’s work quite a bit, both “solo” and with Pedro the Lion, and he seems like a neat guy in general (and hey, I feel like high-fiving the guy after his Houston Press interview this week, where he stood up for H-town’s reputation).

I’m equally enticed, though, by opener Rocky Votolato, who plays an awesome, awesome emo-ish folk-pop kind of thing that I’ve been a fan of for several years now, pretty much since 2001’s Burning My Travels Clean. I know “emo-ish folk-pop” probably brings to mind Dashboard Confessional for a lot of people (although I’m a DC fan, myself, as well), but Votolato does it better, channeling a ton of uncertain, finding-his-way fury into the songs.

Check out an example below, the title track off 2003’s Suicide Medicine (the first line of which always hits home for me):

Also at Fitz is a fun “tribute” show to guitar-rock gods Van Halen, entitled — dum-da-de-dumDann Halen. It wouldn’t be all that noteworthy, honestly — in this city, it seems like tribute bands are a dime a dozen lately — except that the “Dann” in Dann Halen is for Dann Miller, longtime scenester, musician, and graphic designer extraordinaire, currently of Black Congress (and what seems like a dozen side projects) and formerly of The Jonbenet.

Honestly, the band’s like a who’s-who of heavy Texas music, really, also including members of Weird Party, Golden Axe, Defending the Kingdom, & a ton of others. Besides, Van Halen freaking rules. And hey, the show’s free for the over-21 set; can’t beat that, right?

(FYI, Thunderkunt was supposed to be playing but had to drop off, for some reason, so now Wicked Poseur‘s taken their place. Which is a much better deal, at least from where I sit…)

Early in the day today, there’s a cool one at 4PM over at Cactus, with local psych-pop guys Featherface most likely obliterating the front windows and scaring/mesmerizing the crap out of unsuspecting customers. The band’s celebrating the fact that their newest EP, It Comes Electric can now be found on the Cactus shelves, so get on out & celebrate with ’em — added bonus? Free Saint Arnold’s.

Also at Cactus — even earlier, at 2PM — there’ll be an appearance by quirky, Austin-bred country-folk guy Matt The Electrician (who, yes, apparently was once an electrician). I hadn’t heard the guy ’til recently, myself, but I’m already pretty impressed. Take a listen to a track off of new album Accidental Thief, right here:

If you can’t make it over to Cactus this afternoon, Matt’ll also be playing tonight up at Anderson Fair

Since I mentioned celebrations already, I want to take a second to wish all the Canucks out there a happy & joyful Canada Day — I’m not real clear on the significance of the holiday (and neither was a Canadian coworker, weirdly), but it sounds kinda-sorta equivalent to our own Independence Day…um, kinda-sorta minus the independence. But hey! Party, eh?

Anyway, The Maple Leaf Pub is on Day 2 of its Canada Day Festival, which involves some darn good music courtesy of {Art Institute}, Zwee, and some other unnamed bands/musicians (and, I’m assuming, lots of Molson & hockey). For their part, arty proto-punks Art Institute will be playing twice today, first at the Festival and then tonight up at Mango’s. Well worth seeing, either/both times.

Over at The Continental Club tonight, the utterly incredible Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers will be playing — and as I type this, it hits me that it’s been far too long since I last saw/heard Miss Leslie & crew. sigh.

They’re opening for Ricky Stein and the Warm Guns, who — beyond from having a cool name — are darn decent in a roots-rock vein. Listen to a track:

    Ricky Stein and the Warm Guns – “Place In My Heart”

What else? Well, there’s The Julys over at The Mink, and a very cool show over at the Jet Lounge (which is apparently what they’re calling the place this week) with Jealous Creatures, whom I dig quite a bit, & Tigerparty, who I’ve been meaning to check out for a while now.

Full list for the day, right here:

David Bazan + Band/Rocky Votolato @ Fitzgerald’s
The Hangouts/killdeer/Only Beast/Black Cock @ Rudyard’s
Ricky Stein and the Warm Guns/Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers @ The Continental Club
Canada Day Festival, featuring Art Institute, Zwee, & more @ The Maple Leaf Pub (514 Elgin)
Featherface @ Cactus Music (4PM)
The Young Maths/Art Institute @ Mango’s
Jealous Creatures/Tigerparty/Adam & Lena (CD release) @ Jet Lounge/ECHO
Dann Halen (Van Halen tribute)/Wicked Poseur @ Fitzgerald’s
Matt The Electrician @ Anderson Fair
Cute Scenarios/ Sick/Sea /The Julys @ The Mink
Carolyn Wonderland/Funky Mustard @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar
Howler/Second Lovers/Tame Blonde @ Bohemeos
Hip Hop Meets Dub Step, featuring Badbwoy BMC, DJ Big Red, Rob Bass, DJ Big Mix, Slick Kid, DJ Slim Chance, Darth Fader & DJ Nine, Lil Young, Sureal, Fellony, & Dza Da Don @ Kryptonite
Dirty Honey 4th Anniversary Party, featuring DJ Brett Koshkin & La Zola @ Boondocks
Bands on the Sand, featuring The Zydeco Dots @ Moody Gardens (Galveston)

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