Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Paris Falls + Grand Child + Anarchitex + Prison Soup + Kris Becker (Reviewed!) + Faster Pussycat + More

As we head into the holiday madness this weekend — believe it or not, I didn’t realize ’til this AM that I actually got Monday off from the Day Job — I wanted to mention some of the cooler of the many, many cool things going on. And yes, there’re quite a damn few, which is always nice…

It’s funny, but I honestly can’t remember the last time a Friday or Saturday night didn’t have a crapload of good stuff happening; if you think there’s no good music to see/hear in this city, at least on the weekends, well: You’re. Doing. It. Wrong.

Before I hit the list, though, got a cancellation to mention; per the Numbers site, the show next Saturday (July 9th) over there with A Split Second has been cancelled, no word on why. The Numbers folks are directing people who’ve already purchased a ticket over to the promoter at MyOnstageEvents

Anyway, on to the stuff going on tonight, Friday, July 1st. First on my personal, selfish little list is the show up at The Mink, which includes fuzzy-edged, prog-tinged retro-rockers Paris Falls, two-thirds of whom sadly now call Austin, rather than Houston, home. sigh. I’m not holding it against ’em, though — just glad to see they’re still playing down this way, definitely.

And hey, they’ve got a real-live official video for “It’s a Charade,” which I’ll freely admit isn’t my favorite PF track ever, but hell, I’ll gladly take it over a host of other bands. Check it out right here:

Plus, the headliners are Austinites Grand Child, who do a nicely gentle, strummy indie-folk thing that’s pretty and delicate and busy without being too fragile for its own good; think some of The Eastern Sea’s less-electric songs, and you’ll be on the right track. “I Know,” in particular, off the band’s May release, My Head Is In The Clouds, is pretty great — check it on their BandCamp page.

Over at Fitzgerald’s, then, there’s a long-anticipated CD release for longstanding (resurrected?) punks Anarchitex, who explode a snarling, sprawling squall of fuck-it-all misanthropy that’s like the Dead Kennedys or Agent Orange if either band were even more cynical and had erupted out of the destroy-it-all concrete maze that is Houston. They’re playing with two of my favorite bands of late, too, noisy post-hardcore dudes Black Congress and barebones punks The Energy — go get loaded and rock the fuck out.

You can head on up to downtown for a twofer, too; there’s Notsuoh, where the I Appreciate The Listen hip-hop/dance showcase will be going off, featuring a relatively new outfit Prison Soup that includes both Babel Fishh and Perseph One, two of my favorite rappers in town…holy freaking wow, folks.

Then there’s the show next door at Dean’s, where pianist/keyboardist Kris Becker will be tearing shit up — I reviewed the guy’s debut full-length, Inventions, recently, so check that out right over here. It’s not all my cup of tea, but it’s pretty mesmerizing stuff, nonetheless.

Last but not least, glam-metal icons Faster Pussycat are playing tonight at Stereo Live, of all places. I’m not sure I’d pay to see ’em, honestly, but the fact that they’re alive & touring after all these years kinda does my soul good, even still… Caveat time: I have no idea which “Faster Pussycat” this is, since apparently there are two competing versions touring & playing the old FP songs. Really, you guys? sigh.

Here’s the full list, y’all:

Grand Child/The Beta Rhythm/Paris Falls/Psychic Palms @ The Mink
RX Bandits (farewell tour)/Happy Body Slow Brain/Zechs Marquise/Maps & Atlases @ Fitzgerald’s
Anarchitex (CD release)/The Energy/Black Congress/The Delta Block @ Fitzgerald’s
Kris Becker & The Frozen Heat/Vertigo Blue/Heidi Massin @ Dean’s Credit Clothing
I Appreciate The Listen, featuring Nobody & Himself, Prison Soup (Babel Fishh, EVAK, Perseph One, & Lewee Regal), Nikkhoo, & Abstract Cannon @ Notsuoh
Faster Pussycat/Series Six/Messer/TENSE @ Stereo Live
Haters Make Us Famous, featuring GRRRL Parts, Damon Allen, & Angie Audio @ Boondocks
The Scars Heal In Time/The Beat Dolls/The Costigans/The Abyss @ BFE Club (11528 Jones Rd.)
Skyrocket!/Changoman @ The Continental Club
Canada Day Festival, featuring Art Institute & more @ The Maple Leaf Pub (514 Elgin)

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