Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: David Bazan + Rocky Votolato (MP3!) + Featherface + Dann Halen + Matt The Electrician (MP3!) + Miss Leslie + More

Saturday, July 2nd today, and there’s plenty of good stuff going on in the runup to the 4th craziness… First & foremost is the David Bazan (“+ Band”) show at Fitzgerald’s

Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 1: Save KTRU/Fitz Relaunch II + Ghost Town Electric + Defending the Kingdom + More

Got the fam in town today (Friday, September 24th), so I’ve been a bit occupied, I’m afraid, and I’ve gotta keep it somewhat brief for the rundown… Been a rough week, folks, and I’m still playing catch-up….

Summerfest Rundown, Pt. 3: Giant Princess + Tyagaraja + Lovie + Something Fierce + Slim Thug + Lucero + More

Next pile of bands, right here… I’m a wee bit nervous, I have to say, about the weather — if it’s pouring Saturday & Sunday, the Summerfest is going to be, um, interesting. I saw what Eleanor Tinsley Park looked like last year…

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