The Meridian Rises Again…Kind Of?

Ran across a bit of news late today, namely that the much-contested, often-revived local venue formerly known as The Meridian has — yes, indeedy — risen from the grave once more.

The time the big-ass building at 1503 Chartres is being called Space City Hall, which makes us here at SCR understandably feel like we’ve run across some long-misplaced kinfolk, and they’re kicking things off tomorrow (Fri., April 8th) with a cool, cool-sounding ska-punk show, the likes of which you used to only be able to find at Old Fitz.

The lineup includes Always Guilty, whom I like quite a bit, as well as fellow locals Fuska and Critical Damage and two I’ve never heard of, namely Johnny’s Casket & Bogota, Colombia-dwelling skankers Skampida — who aren’t bad, btw, going by what I’ve been able to find online, melding some nicely funky, samba-ish, jazzy stuff into their sound to come up with something akin to a Latin-tinged Sprawl.

Will this new incarnation of The Meridian last? No idea, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t fall apart the way the place did previously. No new Website yet, as far as I can see, but keep an eye out…

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