Space City Hall

1503 Chartres
Houston, TX. 77003

General Info: In its previous incarnation as The Meridian, I have to say that I think this place was, at least, the most comfortable mid-size venue I’d been to around here. It never looked like much from the outside — it was on the second floor of what used to be a Chinese fish wholesaler — but inside, it had two separate stages, each with a darn good PA system and a bar, and better yet, there was an in-between area with couches and little tables, so when you got tired of screaming to your friends over the music or just wanted to escape, you could go chill out there. Maybe I’m getting old, but man, I dearly love clubs that actually make an effort to be a nice place to hang out…

Sadly, as you can probably guess from the revised text above (or have been paying attention to the Houston Press any time in the last 8 months or so), The Meridian is no more. After attempts to rename, revamp, and sell the place, it officially closed its doors on Dec. 27th, 2010. Damn shame.

However, since that’s the way things run in this city, yep, it’s apparently back to life — not sure who’s managing the place now, but it’s now called Space City Hall (a name close to our little heart, for obvious reasons). Here’s hoping they can get back on their feet & reinvent themselves.

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