Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Sarah Jaffe + Sleeping in the Aviary + Fake Problems + The Examples + Toadies + More

Yeah, yeah — rushed again to get my little list of things-you-should-not-miss up on the site… Seemingly as always, I’ve got to keep this brief, y’all. Which is out-and-out painful, considering how damn much is going on tonight (Friday, April 15th, to be precise)…

The Meridian Rises Again…Kind Of?

Ran across a bit of news late today, namely that the much-contested, often-revived local venue formerly known as The Meridian has — yes, indeedy — risen from the grave once more….

Space City Hall

I have to say that I think this place was, at least, the most comfortable mid-size venue I’d been to around here. It never looked like much from the outside — it was on the second floor of what used to be a Chinese fish wholesaler…

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