The “W”s Break Up: Weird Party & While You Were Gone Both Wave Goodbye

Well, shit. Got some bad news about two different bands in recent days, the coincidence made weirder by the fact that both bands start with the letter “W”: Weird Party and While You Were Gone have both called it quits.

The latter apparently did so back in early December, but yours truly — being the on-the-pulse-of-H-town guy that he so obviously is — um, totally missed it then, only stumbling across the news this week.

Anthony Moore of WYWG lays out the reasons why on the band’s Tumblr site, but the gist seems to be basically that, well, they’ve all got other stuff going on, school and families and full-time jobs, and music’s just not what they need to be doing right now. And I can definitely understand that, although I’ll admit to being bummed to hear it — I freaking loved the band’s final EP, Winter/Summer, especially “We Were So Young” and “Your Heart Can Hold The Weight Of Two” (see here for more on that), and had been seriously looking forward to the promised full-length.

But hey, that’s how it goes. And hey, the band’s given a cool present to any fans who happened to not be able to get a hold of their releases — you can now grab ’em all for free from the WYWG BandCamp site. Something to remember ’em by…

As for Weird Party, well, I’ve got not a clue what happened, beyond a cryptic comment on another blog post about the Free Press Summerfest deal. Somebody claiming, at least, to represent Weird Party declared that they weren’t playing the show and “can now be labeled as a defunct band.” Yeow.

Granted, this could be bullshit thrown out by a disgruntled former band member or random shit-starter, but lo and behold, neither the band’s Facebook or BandCamp pages are anywhere to be found. If the band really-and-truly is dead and gone, well, that sucks.

Why? Well, take a listen to some evidence:

Weird Party – “Pale Brunette”

If anybody knows the deal on the possible WP breakup, definitely let me know, eh?

(Weird Party photo by J. Hart.)

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3 Responses to “The “W”s Break Up: Weird Party & While You Were Gone Both Wave Goodbye”

  1. Bru on February 18th, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Balls. That Weird Party stuff was fantastic. Their site certainly doesn’t suggest anything positive, either.

  2. Jeremy Hart on February 18th, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Yeah, that’s pretty damn bleak. Sounds like it’s the real deal — damn shame… :(

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