The “W”s Break Up: Weird Party & While You Were Gone Both Wave Goodbye

Well, shit. Got some bad news about two different bands in recent days, the coincidence made weirder by the fact that both bands start with the letter “W”: Weird Party and {While You Were Gone} have both called it quits…

While You Were Gone, Winter/Summer

One of the absolute best things about music, good music, is the connected-ness of it. If a band’s doing its job right, you’re able to grasp onto the feelings, the emotions behind the yelled/sung lyrics and roaring guitars; if there’s no connection going on, the guitars and yelling are just that…

Update: listenlisten (3/15) + Paris Falls (tonight!) + The Besnard Lakes + While You Were Gone (3/7-8!) + More

phew…another late night, another update. Big thanks to all the hard-working writer folk, by the by, for getting this stuff in — this little e-zine would die a sad and lonely death with only yours truly doing the writing for it, I swear. Everybody, your efforts are very much appreciated. I owe you all beers. […]

While You Were Gone, Heavy Lies The Crown

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now, but now that I’ve got it in hand and am listening to it, I’m torn. Don’t get me wrong — I’m enjoying the heck out of While You Were Gone’s new EP and kicking myself for not yet having seen them play live. Vocalist/pianist Misty Gray’s got one of the best voices…

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