Tonight: Benjamin Wesley + The Fresh & Onlys (MP3) + Art Institute + Clutch + Zakk Wylde + More

Yep, it’s a Thursday (October 28th, to be specific), and so naturally I’m scrambling to say something about the surprising plethora of shows going on this evening. There’s quite a bit to choose from, honestly:

Tenuto Fall Music Series, featuring Benjamin Wesley @ 13 Celsius (3000 Caroline; 9-11PM, free!)
Talked about this one once before already, but I wanted to hit it again, at least briefly… Benjamin Wesley is hands down one of the best things going in Houston, period; he’s that kind of performer you force friends & family to listen to, because you know they won’t be able to help but see how incredible he is. Obviously, it’s not bang-your-head shit, but rather just cool, cool, cool, laidback-as-hell music to nod your head and smile sleepily to as it unfolds.

The Fresh & Onlys/Royal Baths/Rayon Beach @ Fitzgerald’s
It’s been a long damn time, really, since I’d heard much by The Fresh & Onlys — the last time I listened to ’em, they seemed far, far more L.A.-style psych than anything else; going by what I’ve heard lately, however, they’ve turned down a country road somewhere, leaving the coast behind in the process, and the change is no bad thing. Check it out here:

The Fresh & Onlys – “Waterfall”

Yello Echo/Art Institute/Sheila Swift/Matt McDonald @ Dean’s Credit Clothing (9PM-2AM)
Gah. The kind boys in {Art Institute} sent me their EP a week or two ago, and I, sadly, have left it sitting on my damn desk yet again. sigh. Take my word for it, though — they’re pretty darn good, if a bit on the rough/Rough Trade side of things (which isn’t a negative, at least not to me). More to come on ’em, I swear…

Black Label Society/Clutch/Children of Bodom/2Cents @ Verizon Wireless Theater
Hell, yeah — only one stop tonight for the metalheads in town. I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge Zakk Wylde fan (I was always more partial to Randi Rhoads, and I can’t help but think of Wylde as being Ozzy’s guitarist), but I have a lot of respect for the guy, and I can’t deny that he’s an amazing guitarist.

Plus, I feel like I owe Clutch a heavy-duty debt for introducing me first — before Helmet, before Cop Shoot Cop, before Barkmarket — to heavy-ass music with guitars that didn’t necessarily involve long hair & insanely fast guitar solos. At the time, my initial reaction was something like, “what the fuck is this?,” but as life’s moved on I’ve found myself a lot more drawn to that stuff than to, say, shred-metal like Dragonforce. (And yes, Mastodon & all their kin owe these guys a hefty chunk of royalties, too.)

The Heavy/Wallpaper @ Fitzgerald’s
2010 Communities in Schools Houston Gala, featuring Peter Buffett @ Hilton Houston Post Oak (2001 Post Oak Blvd.; 6:30PM)
The Growlers/Heavy Cream/Sideshow Tramps @ The Continental Club
Space City Beat Battle, hosted by BBC @ Warehouse Live
Wayward Sons @ Mango’s

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  2. Corey Fino on July 4th, 2011 at 10:44 am

    Dang, Zakk is undoubtedly a tripping magnificent guitar player. My very own buddy in law maintained informing everybody I needed to search him right up at and shit is without a doubt astounding

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