Tonight: Benjamin Wesley + The Fresh & Onlys (MP3) + Art Institute + Clutch + Zakk Wylde + More

Yep, it’s a Thursday (October 28th, to be specific), and so naturally I’m scrambling to say something about the surprising plethora of shows going on this evening. There’s quite a bit to choose from, honestly…

Update: The Soldier Thread (Tonight!) + Paul Weller + Winter Wallace + The Fresh & Onlys + Obits + Late Saturday Shows(!)

Well, thanks to fucking Blogger fucking not fucking posting the damn posts it’s supposed to, the past 24 hours or so were blown clean out of the water. Argh. I swear, things will be changing on that front, and hopefully soon… At any rate, we got a bunch of new stuff up on the site […]

The Fresh & Onlys, The Fresh & Onlys

Driven by many different muses, from an obvious fixation on the psychedelic occult to the ability to produce straightforward rock ‘n roll, the Fresh & Onlys have provided…

H-Town Mixtape

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