Tenuto Fall Music Series, Starting Thursday

Got sent a note about this one by local singer/songwriter Benjamin Wesley, who’s apparently helping to set it up… There’s a new show series starting this Thursday, October 7th, at 13 Celsius, a cool-sounding wine bar in Midtown.

The shows will go on all this month, every Thursday, and Wesley says they’ll be setting up in the courtyard of the place, which should be pretty neat. All of the shows are free — as always, the best price — and naturally, the bands selected for the shows are all pretty phenomenal; see the flyer over there on the right.

Kicking off the thing this week is one of my all-time favorite bands ’round town, listenlisten, whose bleak, often backwards-leaning indie-folk-rock puts to shame all the Fleet Foxes and Bon Ivers you can throw at it. I’ve listened some to the band’s forthcoming third full-length, dog, and trust me when I say it’s pretty phenomenal (and a totally different beast from Hymns From Rhodesia, their last album).

Wesley himself’ll be playing the final show of the set, btw, on October 28th; mark your calendars, y’all. I mean, c’mon, you can always DVR/TiVo Big Bang Theory anyway, right?

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