Tonight: The Tontons/Roky Moon & BOLT/Paris Falls/Side Arms + Eyes Behind The Wall Night #1 + More

Hey, all — yep, I’m back in town after my little jaunt abroad (over to London to visit some of the extended fam), and I’m still working on getting caught up with everything, especially the massive number of new shows that’ve popped up on the radar in my absence. Big, big, big thanks to Dre Giles for helping out while I was gone — I’m hoping to convince him to keep on with the blogging stuff for the site, even though I’m back online now.

Despite me being horribly behind on things, though, I didn’t want to neglect the cool stuff happening tonight, Friday, August 13th, the primary one of which is the show up at The Mink, over there on the right…

The headliners are the ever-awesome Tontons, who I’m very happy to see are back in town & playing again; I still need to get a hold of their most recent album, and it’s killing me, I swear. Plus, there’s Roky Moon & BOLT, who I hear are busily refining their glam-rock homage into a full-blown rock opera, gritty, organ-heavy retro-rockers Paris Falls, who blow me away with every release, and Sharks and Sailors pseudo-side project Side Arms, which I very much need to finally get off my ass & hear in person. $7 for the whole thing ain’t bad — there’s not a bad, boring, lame band playing, honest.

Oh, and tonight also marks Night #1 of the Eyes Behind The Wall noise festival over at Super Happy Fun Land, which looks to be a globe-spanning cross-section of all things harsh, grating, and generally ear-destroying. If you’re into that sort of thing — and I must confess that, no, I’m generally not, myself, but hey — SHFL is where you need to be tonight. Legendary Houston noisemaker Richard Ramirez is curating the thing, and he’s pulled together quite a lineup.

Fired For Walking/The Unzipped @ Rudyard’s
Chase Hamblin/Hank Schyma (Southern Backtones)/Trouble in the Wind @ Dean’s Credit Clothing
Glasnost/MoTel Aviv/Young Girls @ Walter’s
Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo @ House of Blues

That’s all I’ve got for now; get on out the house…

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