Mark Yr Calendars: Ghoulsfest Coming Up in October

This one came out of left field, I have to admit; I don’t recall ever hearing about organizers a2z Presents before, until I got the email about the festival they’re putting together for October 30th, Ghoulsfest. That’s a little weird, honestly, although I have heard of the “One Mic” series they’ve been putting on, as well as some of the other shows they’ve put on. Guess they’ve been keeping a low profile?

But hey, with a lineup like the one they’ve got, I can’t quibble — reggae-punk pioneers Bad Brains as headliners, along with We Are Scientists, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Peanut Butter Wolf, SCR faves Girl in a Coma, & Daniel Johnston, plus some of my own personal local heroes like Eric Johnson-gone-heavy instro-metal dudes Scale The Summit, retro-’70s Bowie/T.Rex lovers Roky Moon & BOLT, raw-ass noise-rockers Black Congress, Spain Colored Orange, The Live Lights, & Fat Tony. Pretty badass, all together.

(Oh, and Hot Chip is doing a DJ set, as well, but I’m meh on them, sorry.)

The ticket price is a bit steep, unfortunately — $35 a pop — but I’d be willing to bet there’re folks out there who’d pay that solely to see Bad Brains or Daniel Johnston all by themselves. And hey, beyond the music there’s all the usual festival stuff, with food & beer & costume contests (one of which could win you $2000, apparently), etc.

The whole thing’s set to take place at Tom Bass Regional Park, down in the Pearland-ish ‘hood at 288 & the Beltway, which is undoubtedly very cool news for those crazy suburban kids. It sounds like it could be a good show; I’ll have my fingers tightly crossed that it doesn’t fail epically like, say, the Texas Heat festival did last year…

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