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Yr Weekend: Jonx + Robert Ellis + Paolo Nutini + Grandfather Child + The Energy + More [9/05/2009 03:32:00 PM]:
As promised, albeit a bit late -- I got caught up watching/reading new b-day stuff last night and totally procrastinated, I'm afraid, but eh. The State on DVD + DMZ graphic novels == buckets of awesome. I couldn't look away, and I refuse to feel guilty. Anyway, here goes for the rest of the weekend & beyond:

Sat., September 5:
The Jonx/Novox/Bald Eagle Burger/ Muhammid Ali @ Rudyard's
How could this not be the winner of the evening? I swear, I love, love, love The Jonx, even if I don't say it as much as I should -- Danny, Stu, & Trey can just about literally do no wrong by me. Hell, I'd bail 'em out of jail if asked. They're smart, self-deprecating, subversively funny, and tighter than most bands ever dream to be, even while they sound like they're wrestling with their instruments. And I swear I saw current everywhere-you-look band Muhammid Ali on the bill somewhere, which'd be very cool, but that's not a certainty...

Record Store Day, featuring Robert Ellis & the Reverberation DJs @ Cactus Music (1PM)
Dang...this is already going on, I know, but you're still not out of luck, because it'll be running all day (I think?), w/tons of Vinyl Record Store Day goodies & discounts & whatnot courtesy of the folks at Cactus. And biiiig plus: Robert Ellis will be doing a solo set at 4PM today, and he's phenomenal. There's still time, folks.

Tyagaraja @ Avant Garden
I never really got the ridiculous backlash against Tyagaraja's former band, Million Year Dance. I caught 'em twice, and they were mesmerizing and strange both times, this weird blend of pseudo-shoegazer psych-rock and Hindu mysticism, but most importantly of all, Tyagaraja himself (aka Jonathan Welch) can belt it out like he really has no right to be able to do. Glad to see he's back in action.

The Sideshow Tragedy/Holy Fiction/The Julys/Maggie Adeleye @ The Mink (9PM)
Mentioned this one earlier in the week, because This Year's Tiger dropped off the bill, but like I said then, I think the show's still well worth watching for Holy Fiction alone -- what I've heard of 'em has been pretty damned impressive, enough to earn a spot in our SCR Mixtape. I've liked what little bits & pieces I've heard from new (and un-Googleable) additions The Julys, too, so get up there early.

Paolo Nutini/Anya Marina @ Warehouse Live
Yeah, yeah, whatever. I know Paolo Nutini's about as innovative as, well, pretty much any prettyboy singer/songwriter currently out there right now. But who cares? I enjoyed/still enjoy the hell out of his debut live EP, and while I have yet to hear the new one, I've got fingers crossed.

Hollywood Black/Sunrise & Ammunition/Harem Festival/The Statement/Margot @ The Satellite Room (Cypress)
Sweet! One for the outer-loopers, yo -- full-on, guitars-blazing indie-rockers Hollywood Black headline, and that's never a bad thing (I've warmed considerably to these guys from the first time I heard 'em), and recently-resurrected spacerockers Margot open up, beforehand. If you live out in the northern 'burbs, this is where you need to be.

Soulfest, featuring Archie Bell, Roy Head, Barbara Lynn, & The Allen Oldies Band @ The Continental Club
Deviations: an Impromptu Spoken Word Happening, featuring Autumn & Dan & more @ The Mink (7PM)
The Pant Factory/Radio Ark/Tornahdo/Years of Cold @ Fitzdown

Sun., September 6:
Grandfather Child/Female Demand @ Boondocks (8PM; free!)
Whoa. I waxed a bit poetic about Female Demand yesterday, so I won't go there again, but Grandfather Child...that's a whole other story. Those guys blew away all the other bands playing the Summerfest a month or so ago, ripping through that blues-gospel thing like they'd been set on fire, and I've barely been able to keep the glee inside ever since. I may have to sneak on over to Boondocks for this one. (And hey, it's free.)

Blast Rag/The Secret Prostitutes/The Energy (first show!) @ The Mink
Heard good, good, good things about new supergroup-ish band The Energy, who're playing their first-ever show Sunday, and I like the bits of punkish rawk I've gleaned from their Myspace page. Should be worth checking out -- fans of Chris Ryan, get your ass to The Mink, eh?

The Cult @ House of Blues
Honky Tonk Happy Hour, featuring Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers @ The Continental Club (6-9PM)
The Hunger/Saturate/Leaf @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

Tues., September 8:
She Wants Revenge/Kill Hannah/Paper Route @ House of Blues
I'll freely admit that the suave, sarcastic electro-pop of She Wants Revenge is probably an acquired taste, and half the time I'm not sure if they're joking or serious. But I still find myself drawn to what Justin Warfield (anybody know if they play "Teenage Caligula" live?) and Adam-10 do, nevertheless.

The Umbrella Man @ The Continental Club

That's all for now, folks. Get on out the house...

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