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SXSW Wrap-up: Day 3 (Friday, 3.20.09) [3/27/2009 10:01:00 PM]:
[Ed. Note: And here, a few days late -- sorry about that, y'all -- is the last installment of SXSW coverage by SCR/Houston Calling writer David A. Cobb. As before, all photos are David's.]

I had an early start to my last day at South By Southwest, catching up on email and loading up on coffee before meeting a friend and heading off to the Aussie BBQ and catching short sets by The Boat People and Red Ryders. Both bands were excellent and worth checking out. A short walk later, we watched The Warlocks play to a sparse crowd upstairs at Maggie Mae's Gibson Room. While the band sounded excellent and put on a good show, it was obvious that not only is its music meant to be heard in the dark, but that the band members probably hadn't seen daylight in quite some time. The Warlocks played a new song or two from the band's upcoming May release, which thankfully sounded much better than anything on its last album.

By the time we picked up our coveted passes to the SPIN party and made the trek yet again out to the Filter magazine party at Cedar Street Courtyard, I was exhausted. Two full days of running around in the Austin sun had me beat, so we got some lunch and just relaxed a bit before catching a couple of songs from Manchester's The Whip and then heading to Stubb's for sets by Glasvegas and Echo & The Bunnymen. While I had heard good things about Glasvegas, I wasn't completely sold on their album (although "Lonesome Swan" is a good one). Their live set was solid, but the "rock star" persona was a turnoff. It could be me, but the lead singer's kisses and hand-over-heart gestures seemed a bit contrived. Regardless, I enjoyed their set and would see them again if given the chance.

Echo & The Bunnymen played a much better set than when I saw the group during SXSW a couple of years ago. I am a long-time fan of the band and have kept up with its career over the years, so it was interesting and a bit surprising to see people of all ages getting into the band's music and singing along to what amounted to a "greatest hits" set (along with a couple of new songs that will be on the group's next album). From "Villiers Terrace" to "Lips Like Sugar," the band kept the crowd engaged throughout their short set.

After leaving Stubb's and running into the line for that night's rumored Metallica show, I decided to try my luck in line to see what would happen. After being told by a doorman that I'd never get in, I foolishly left the line (my friend Chip did not -- see his video here: www.atomicned.com) and after a meal with a friend and a couple of songs from White Lies' set at Cedar Street Courtyard, I spent the rest of the night trying in vain to get into various shows. Due to the lines and my mounting impatience -- not to mention a very early impending flight -- I called it an early night, my ears ringing and still humming Glasvegas' "Geraldine."

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