georgia’s Horse. Comes Out of Hiding…

Well, this is some good news — I’d all but given up hope this last year or so of ever getting a chance to check out murky, bleak, indie-folk songstress Teresa M., aka georgia’s Horse. live & in full color & all that. She plays really sporadically, even here in town, which is a shame considering how cool the gloomy, dirge-y, Appalachia-on-bad-acid, almost gospelized songs she crafts happen to be. I swear I’ve looked in vain to find anything release-like of hers for years, but never managed to get a hold of even 2007’s “big” release Mammoth; a female Jandek, maybe?

But anyway, back to the good news: georgia’s Horse. is apparently looking to go live somewhat, and wants to recruit some help:

Hi everyone!
georgia’s Horse. ( is looking for some musicians (if you play and are interested, write) to help out on an upcoming European tour as well as a couple of shows here in Texas. I live in Montrose and have space to practice in my humble abode. If anyone is interested and would like further details, please contact cityofnosun through gmail.
Thanks and love,
teresa m.

Damn good news, and hey, there’s an extra cherry on top — Teresa/georgia’s Horse. will be doing her/their thing in H-town in the not-too-distant future, playing a house show March 15th with fellow excellent songwriter Phillip Foshée, Buxton frontman’s solo deal Cedar Boy Bailey, & quirkily entertaining folksters Sew What. The location’s just given as “Palm Street”, so you’ll have to Myspace GH to find out the address & all.

So…any willing musician-like types out there ready to give it a shot? Drop Teresa a line…

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