The Autumn Offering, Fear Will Cast No Shadow

The Autumn Offering, Fear Will Cast No Shadow

In 1999, when up-and-coming group The Autumn Offering was formed in Daytona, FL, most of the local music scene was apparently nothing but radio-friendly pop-rock crap. Thankfully, The Autumn Offering was about to change that repetitive scene.

Having just released their third studio album, Fear Will Cast No Shadow, they seem to have done what they set out to do, mostly by pushing the boundaries and in spite of some changes. Since their last album, The Autumn Offering has replaced two of their members, with Allen Royal (drums) and former Hell Within frontman Matt Chesney (vocals) now filling the vacated spots.

The Autumn Offering has crafted their sound to somewhat match their old-school metal influences; that is, Pantera, Metallica, Ozzy, and Guns ‘N Roses. Alongside them is producer Jason Suecoff, who’s helped record albums for Ozzfest players like Trivium and God Forbid. This band’s 11-track, 37.6-minute CD is an intense and hostile rollercoaster ride which will violate your very existence. With classic tracks like “Crown Yourself A King, Kill Yourself A Queen” and “Silence And Goodbye” that both stoic and creepy, The Autumn Offering will leave you crawling out of your skin.

They’re not big names right now, having only sold 40,000 or so records, but in my mind The Autumn Offering will one day soon be a rousing success.

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